10 Year old black boy placed in handcuffs by Chicago police outside his grandmother’s home. (video)

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What is happening in America? the constant harassment and disregard to human right and humanity has just gone through the roof.

A 10-year-old boy was handcuffed playing outside his grandmother’s house by two officers of the Chicago police department in a case of mistaken identity. The young man was wrongfully detained my two mean looking officers while playing outside. The 10 year old had not gun, too young to carry a weapon for sure and too young to even understand what was going on.

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The poor kid was so scared that he wet himself and was genuinely afraid of the corps and the situation which he doesn’t really understand.

The boy said “They told me i escaped from juvenile and i had a gun. They put me in handcuffs. I was crying. I was scared”

The shameless officers later removed the handcuffs when they realise it was a case of mistaken identity, they don’t even have no remorse for placing a 10-year-old in handcuffs, they just casually removed the cuffs and let the boy walk off. They really don’t care about the lasting trauma the boy could experience through his life. Like this twitter user puts it



This user on twitter actually say the police are not even required to know the law they are employed to enforce. What a nation and President Trump calling some African nation and Haiti shit hole but this will not even happen in those countries. Which is a shit hole now?


what a shame on the America constitution and the fake judiciary system that only exists to protect certain set of people in the same country. i find it completely unacceptable for a 10 year old playing outside his ground mother home to be placed in handcuffs just like that without any consideration for his age, emotion and after effect of such action a=on a young kid. Is this what the United States of America has turned to? what a nation.

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Social media reacts

Police in America are never held responsible for their actions which means this kind of treatment will continue in America.


Teachers will be held responsible but police officers are above the law.

One user says this should not be allowed to happen in America, yes indeed it shouldn’t be happening in the so-called western nation. What’s the difference between America and Pakistan or any of the middle eastern nations?


Below is another video of police brutality to a black man who was pinned down by 3 police officer while being mauled by their dog. They were more interested in keeping the guy on the ground and chasing away the guy recording the situation than getting dog off the poor guy. What’s this America really turning into! Nigeria?

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