A cheating husband and his landlady got stuck together during sex. Video

A cheating Couple in Kenya got stuck together in a hotel room after secrete meeting to have sex.

Cheating couple stuck together during sex

The couple was stuck together while having sex in a hotel room last Friday, the 8 June. The two love birds got down to business in a room at Baraka Hotel but shortly after they were heard shouting from behind close door begging for help as they man could not separate himself from the woman underneath him. The shocking incident happened in Kitale area of Kenya.
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The wife of the stuck man later informed the police that she discovered her landlady always goes missing every time her husband travels to Kitale for business appointments.

The woman became suspicious of the two, she felt something was definately going on between her husband and the landlady. She confronted her husband and disclosed all the doubts she had but the husband denied any infidelity between him and the landlady.

stuck couple being removed in a pick up truck by the local police

The wife then opted to seek witch doctor or black magic services and the witch used a trap which led to the unfortunate event at the hotel room.

Wigsbuy.comThe husband went to the hotel room as usual for a bit of action not knowing his wife had a plot laid out for him. The hotel management contacted the police when the situation was discovered, the police attended to the scene and removed the  cheating couple to the police station on a pick up truck covered with the hotel blanket.  

The wife who knew what was going to happen soon arrived at the police station to narrate her side of the story and maybe along with the native doctor to try separate them. Lets hope the this man has learnt a lesson or two from the shameful situation and also what could become of the marriage after this situation is anybody’s guess. 

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