15 Vietnamese children smuggled into the UK found inside a refrigerated truck

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Fifteen children, some as young as 12, have been found inside a refrigerated lorry on entry to the UK at the Newhaven ferry port.
Six adults and nine children were found concealed in a shipment of sparkling water at the Port of Newhaven in Sussex, initial assessment look like they are from Vietnam. The truck was stopped on arrival from the French port of Dieppe.

The children were cold but did not need medical treatment and have been taken into the care of social services.

The full details of the Border Force operation have not yet emerged, but a criminal investigation is under way.
A Romanian man, believed to be the driver, was arrested and charged with assisting unlawful entry into the UK. Andrut Mihai Duma, 29, is being held in custody until a hearing at Lewes Crown Court on 26 November.

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File image of Vietnamese children near Cambodian border

A man aged 18 and a woman aged 27 have been removed from the UK, while the remaining four adults – a woman and three men – are currently at immigration detention centres.
Their cases will be assessed before a decision is made about their future in the UK.

There has been series of investigation up and down the country about young Vietnamese girls been exploited by people who brought them into the country. These cases are particularly difficult for the British police to handle because of the complex cultural and social circumstances surrounding each case. some of these girls are not willing to give up information about the exploiters and smugglers for many reasons.

  1. some are afraid of being deported back to Vietnam
  2. Some, their family members at home are being threatened by the ring of smugglers and the ‘Madam’ who is exploiting them
  3. Some don’t understand what exploitation means, they thin the exploiters or Madam are helping them and their family at home by bringing them to the UK.
  4. Some can’t just go back without paying the exorbitant amount the smugglers claimed to have spent on bringing them to UK.
  5. To some, whatever they go through here is still better than the life they left behind and they believe that at some stage they too will be freed which is why they come at very young age.

These girls are mostly young and spread across the country working like slaves mostly nail studio/saloon and some in massage parlour. they are paid very little or none at all in some cases and their sleeping condition is like that of the jungle but the girls are kind of used to it. They have been coached in such a way that police can not get accurate information from them and they always disappear to another region once freed from authority after an arrest or investigation.

when next you go to that little fancy nail studio round the corner and you see those young girls who are supposed to be in school fixing nails, then think about this story.

Even when you engaged them on any conversation concerning where they come from and why they are not in school at that young age, they already have a story prepared for your question. Ask them ten times the story will not change, they are well coached and rehearsed.

A nightmare for the security operatives who knows the girls are being exploited but no enough evidence to bring perpetrators to justice.


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