Drama as woman checked her cheating partner’s phone in a restaurant

A viral video showing a couple arguing in a restaurant over a phone. The man apparently must have left his phone on the table while ordering food at the counter, inquisitive wife or partner picked up the phone to check what this smooth looking operator has been up to.

Seeing that his partner is on to him on his phone, the dude outrageously ran so fast just to retrieve his phone from his woman in a crowded restaurant.

The woman after checking out what was on the phone was very angry, held back the phone and started asking why he’s cheating on her despite all she’s been through with him.

The man was just standing there saying ‘give me back my phone, I’m not cheating on you, I’m not cheating on you’ but, dude why you running like Usain Bolt in a restaurant just to retrieve your phone from your partner? Puzzle.

The argument turned ugly and the woman emptied her drink on his face and pushed past him to get out of the restaurant.

Watch video below


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