A 65 year old Moroccan arrested trying to smuggle a 12-year-old African boy across into Spain

Officers discovered the youngster believed to be from Guinea in West Africa – hidden in a tiny compartment wearing a pair of shorts when police special machine detected his heartbeat. Reported by the SUN UK

An officer has said the schoolboy had been stuffed into the tiny space between the engine and the passenger seat of the BMW X5.

He was discovered when the cop reached into the dashboard at a checkpoint on the border between Morocco and Spain’s north African enclave of Melilla.

It was ripped apart and the child, said to have been disorientated and suffering breathing difficulties as well as numbness in his limbs because of the position he had been forced to adopt, was given medical assistance at the scene.

The driver of the Moroccan-plated vehicle stopped by police, a 65-year-old, was arrested and is expected to be remanded in custody to appear before an investigating judge in the next 24 hours.

The shocking discovery took place on Friday afternoon at the Beni Enzar border.

A spokesman for the Civil Guard, the force which discovered the youngster, said: “The operation began when officers stopped a BMW X5 with a Moroccan number plate so they could inspect the driver’s vehicle and personal ID documents.

“He was then asked to open his boot but nothing was found.

“A tiny detail aroused the suspicion of officers when a heart beat sensor was passed over the car, a high-end vehicle in very good condition.

“The boy was found during an exhaustive search inside the dashboard. An officer felt the body of a person after introducing his hand and immediately ripped off part of it to remove and assist the human being who turned out to be a young boy.”

The boy was said to have been disorientated and struggling to breathe in the confined space

In the past police in both Ceuta and Melilla have found migrants crammed into tiny spaces in car engines and even hidden inside car seats.

There has been all sorts of way in which the Moroccans have adopted over time to smuggle in to Spain Desperate African Migrants.

Some in a special compartment in the vehicle

Some in all sorts of suit cases and luggage

All these desperate African Migrants paid good money for the crossing, some as high as 5 to 6,000 Euros. DisIsAfrica learnt that parents of some of those kids paid very huge amount of money for them to be brought across to Spain, some, their parents or relatives are already in Spain while some parents will be following in another smuggling operation vehicle.

The situation in Sub Sahara Africa is desperate to the point that Africans will do whatever it take even if it means death while trying to cross to Europe with the promise of a better life.

Some will argue that there is no better life in Europe after all while some will say which ever way it is looked at, it will still be better than what they are leaving behind in Africa.

One might not be able to argue with that, with the super corrupt politician and bad Governance all over Africa. Politician and head of government are earning close to $50,000 / day in some countries like Nigeria while ordinary citizens lives on less than a dollar per day.

Final word. In the olden days African were forced into slavery by white slave masters and some Stupid Arabs but in today’s world, African greedy and super corrupt, heartless politicians and general bad governance is driving Africans into slavery all over again.

Is there any one country that can be pointed to as economically stable within the Sub Sahara Nations?

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