A black woman racially abused on Ryanair flight to London. (Video)

Old black lady was racially abused on RyanAir flight from Barcelona to London while the flights crews looks on.

This was absolutely disgusting under any ramification, the airline staff couldn’t protect the old lady, in fact other passengers hearing the abuse were actually asking for the man to be removed from the flight.

But instead, RyanAir flight attendants asked the woman if she would like to move elsewhere away from the abusive man.

It was absolutely shocking on RyanAir’s part to actually turn around and offer to move the woman elsewhere while the abuser was left sitting there with no consequence.

Watch the video here.

If the table was turned and it was a black woman racially abusing a white guy like that, she would have been removed from that flight.


The white British man was angry at the black woman for working slowly in front of him while boarding the plane.

The abuse was out of order and unprovoked.

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