A class seven drop out working as a Doctor


Hospital staff from Kisii hospital were left in shock after discovering one of the doctors was a class seven drop-out

 Peter Nyapeni was arrested for masquerading as a medical doctor and treating patients in the facility

The 26-year old worked at the hospital for seven months after he successfully bribed an administrator.

 A class seven drop-out was arrested in Kisii Teaching and Referral Hospital after he was discovered to be a fake doctor.

Peter Nyapeni was arrested for masquerading as a medical doctor for seven months at the hospital.

The 26-year-old told security officials he managed to stay in the hospital after bribing an administrator who allowed him to work as a doctor.

 Kisii Central OCPD Francis Nguli said the preliminary investigations showed the fake medic has been working at the hospital since November, 2016. “The suspect has told us he did not handle any serious medical case at the facility. He has mostly been treating patients with minor ailments at the children’s ward,” Nguli was quoted by Nation.


Nyapeni was discovered by the hospital security chief who noticed his movements and utterances were not consistent with other medics.

The shocked hospital staff said they never suspected anything as he was always dressed in white coat and knew him as a former student from Kenya Medical Training College.

The suspect is now in police custody and will be charged in court after investigations into the matter are complete.

Bribery and corruption has been a serious issue in Africa but this is unprecedented, fake doctors in Hospital treating kids….. How many kids would have been wrongly diagnosed and treated by Fake Dr Nyapeni. Many kids could have been maimed and disabled due to the height of corruption from the hospital administrator.

The so-called administrator should be jailed for even a longer sentence than Nyepeni the fake doctor.

Fake doctors and teachers were quite common in Africa years back when lots of Indians, Lebanese and Pakistanis came to Africa with fake documents to gain employment.

I’m sure the Kenyan police force will investigate this case and keep the world updated on the development.

Both the fake Doctor and the administrator who employed him after taken bribe should spend a considerable long time in jail.

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