A half-naked with hungover British woman ordered food in a fast foot outlet with her skirt right up her waist

bare bum british

According to German newspaper Bild, the half-naked girl, who is reportedly from the UK, was filmed ordering the snack in the Majorcan town of Inca at 11am local time on Sunday last week after a night of heavy drinking.

There have been all kinds of controversy as regards the exact location where the picture was taking, the news paper says it was McDonalds in the small holiday town. The staff at the outlet denied that but local newspaper also published the picture saying it has become a usual thing for holiday makers from Britain to behave like that.

The lady in question was in company of few of her friends and they were suffering from hangover after a serious night of heavy drinking.

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Night life in Majorca is spinning out of control. A typical bar serving alcohol

Tourist in the holiday resort are completely out of control says the locals, they are bent on drinking and partying to an unreasonable proportion. Locals says they leave facilities in a state that makes it immediately impossible for somebody else to use them.

Anti-social behaviour on holiday have increased over the years and its spinning completely out of control now.

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