A Hunter hunted down by a large Buffalo while loading the carcass of a Buffalo he killed onto his truck.

A  Hunter South African who had shot dead a wild buffalo was himself Hunted down and killed on the spot by another member of the herd he killed.

As they say in Africa, god of ‘karma and nemesis’ no longer walk slowly but rides on a supersonic jet now to deliver justice quickly.

Claude Kleynhans, 54, was attacked by a large male buffalo as he was loading the carcass of the Buffalo he has just killed onto a vehicle in Limpopo province of the country. The large buffalo tore the father-of-three’s femoral artery and he died at the scene, Citizen.co.za reports.

Killed: Professional hunter Claude Kleynhans, 54, was attacked by a large male buffalo as he was loading the carcass of another buffalo onto vehicle

Mr Kleynhans, who ran a hunting safari company in nearby Tzanen, had been out on a guided hunting trip with clients when he died last Tuesday. He ran the company Guwela Safari, which organises safaris where trophy hunters would pay $2,850 if they shoot a giraffe and $1,500 if they shoot zebra. They also have several prices on their website for hunting Buffalo, Hippo and Elephant.


 In the wake of his death, a number of people have used Social Media to voice their anger and disgust about Mr Kleynhans’ animal hunting or killing trade. Some posted offensive messages of what they think of him on Facebook.

A social media user known as Pedro Resendes wrote – ‘Karma is a B****!!!!, while Matt Skee another user added: ‘I hope his loser family reads these… Claude deserved everything he got….’

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Trophy hunter with his large Buffalo trophy

A woman named Pamela Tomaro D’Angio wrote: ‘I love when Poachers get killed by the animals it makes me extremely happy!!

‘Hope you don’t RIP you f***ing sucker. You killed plenty of animals and now it was your turn you useless sick minded coward. Rot in hell.’

Apparently, this man and his sick clients have killed so many animals for fun, to them its a game where they charge other people to come shoot animal, killing these animals is a game and money making venture for them.

The 54-year-old father-of-three ran a hunting safari company in Tzanen, Limpopo province
The 53 year old posing with buffalo trophies

 The so-called trophy hunting carried out by specialist safari companies should be outlawed. the system is so screwed up that all these animals including Elephant and Lions are being trophy hunted.

He is said to be and experienced hunter but seems to have forgotten the nature and the never give up attitude of the African Buffalo, they fought lion daily to free up member of the herd under siege by group of lions. We have seen footage of the fearsome animal fighting back and killing lions in the process of rescuing member of the herd, how did he underestimate the power and never give up spirit of the buffalo.

The Cape buffalo is considered to be a dangerous pray, as it can become extremely aggressive and vindictive when it perceives itself to be in danger.

When a member of a herd is attacked by a predator, such as a lion, the other members will rush to its defence.

According to Animal Planet, Cape buffalo have killed more hunters in Africa than any other animal, and are known to ambush hunters if they have been wounded by them.

Mr Kleynhans’ death comes just a few months after a Croatian trophy hunter was shot dead by a stray bullet after killing a lion.

Pero Jelinic, 75,died in January after travelling to South Africa to bag a lion trophy, having shot ‘everything that could be hunted in Europe’, according to a friend had another lion in his sights when he was killed by a stray bullet at a farm in South Africa.

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Lion killed by a trophy hunter in Africa

Lion is an endangered specie and i cant understand why this trade is allowed to continue in Africa while the so called charity and animal rights organisations are raising money through various adverts on television all the time about endangered specie that needs protection in out world, the trophy hunters are allowed to kill the animals for personal trills or glory.

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Killed by trophy hunters in Africa

Its unbelievable to think that animals like lion which should be under protection are still being hunted down by these unscrupulous individuals in the name of a game taking advantage of loose government in Africa while the Western World tells the world that such animals needs protection to avoid extinction.


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