A man tried to kill a bishop during Easter service with a ‘Machete’ in Kampala


A Man brandishing a machete entered a church full of worshippers during Easter Sunday service and headed straight for the Bishop to slay him. He stumbled on the wooden partition leading to the alter before brave members of  the congregation wrestled him to the ground.

Watch video below

The man was later identified as Kadu Herbert, stormed Namirembe cathedral church and attempted to attack Bishop Wilberforce Kityo Luwalira while on the altar.

According to eye witnesses, Kadu came at the church premises cruising in his super custom and parked at the main entrance to the church.

Although there was heavy presence of security personnel, Kadu is said to have beat the security and ran through the church corridor, armed with a knife, and headed straight for Bishop Luwarira
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The man was overpowered by the church members and called in the police, the man was arrested and taking away to Namirembe police post.

Speaking to media after the incident, Luwarira said the man looked as if possessed and couldnot be stopped.

Luke Owoyesigire, the Kampala Metropolitan police spokesperson says they are interrogating Kadu to establish his motive.


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