Beware of Black Magic: A lady exposes her friends for using black magic on men.

Nigerian Lady exposes her 4 beautiful friends who use charm to trap Big boys, so they can wreck them!

This Ghana based Nigerian Lady on Facebook with the ID: Diamond Sophia Oyemen, has called out four of her friends, and warned Nigerian Guys, and guys in general to stay away from them.

Diamond Sophia Oyemen shared more of their pictures on Snapchat.  She writes; “These girls are evil and devilish, they are trying to tarnish my image, but Oluwa(means God) is on my side.. beware of these girls cos they use charms on their men, their men are like prey to them commanding them: Goya Success, Linda Edegbe, Roxy Khalifer, Anabel James”.

In another set of pictures she calls them the four witches

She also took to her Facebook wall to write; “U haven’t seen anything must I join in ur jazz business of trapping men using ur womb for rituals u girls are not ashamed dragging me to go with u to a native doctor’s house no b by force to do jazz live ur life”

Diamond went all out war with the four witches. She also share a picture of one of the girl’s victim, a guy, who apparently is a so called BIG BOY (whatever that is), who has been jazzed by one of the Girls known as success.

She claims this buy, pictured above, has been jazzed, and whatsoever success says is what he does. No question asked.

One of the girls responded back immediately, Goya Success claimed Diamond is spreading a deadly sex disease… She wrote on her snapchat;

“You all beware of this girl. She has a deadly disease and she’s sharing it, everybody hide your boyfriend, before they contact the disease from her.

Success also went as far as  sharing a picture of Diamond HIV test result.

 It’s not clear if all these claims and counter claims are true but what we know is they’re lot of girls who have turned to this advance prostitution in Nigeria. It’s a new age prostitution known as RUNS.

These group are probably RUN girls and knows nothing else than live on men who are their prays.

They will go to any length to have a good flamboyant lifestyle from whoever falls pray to their claws.

It’s funny how these set of low life people spread their friendship on social media for the world to see. They are not even ashamed of been run girls.

The society has rotten so much that they only worship money and don’t care how you come about it. These ones RUNS exploits will probably be praised rather than outright condemnation in the society.

I raise my hat for those men who have fallen into this kind of black magic women and survived them. I can personally tell you it’s not a nice experience. When you’re down there you feel you’re in  control and knows what you’re doing but in real sense it’s a continous slippery road which you have absolutely no control over until God delivers you.

Credit: Facebook, Snapchat and yabaontheleft.

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