Breaking News – Paul Manafort, President Trump former campaign manager surrenders to the FBI.

The Game Is Up.

President Trump ex- campaign manager has now turned himself in to Washington field office of the FBI.

The FBI are expected to bring charges against him as part of the ever present issue of Russian improvement in President Trump election campaign of 2016. Mr Manafort was the campaign manager for President Trump election team from June to August 2016.

He’s facing about 12 charges which includes conspiracy to launder money and for being an unregistered agent of a foreign country.

Pic from Sky News

A business associate and former colleague of his Rick Gates is also expected to surrender himself to the FBI for possible involvement in the Russian interference election scandal.

According to  Sky News.  Special counsel Robert Muller is investigating the links between Kremlin and the Trump campaign, the link which both sides denied so far

The first charges were approved on Friday by a federal grand jury and sealed until this morning, Monday the 30th.

The special counsel said $75 million flowed through the pair’s offshore accounts and that Mr Manafort laundered more than $18 million.

The tweeting President as usual fired several shots of tweets on Sunday denying any wrong doing and playing blame game again saying the real story should be the links between Russia and Mrs Clinton.

Accorsing to US media. Congress is also interested in the links or collusion between Russian and Trump associates.


Rick Gates has also turned himself in to the FBI Washington field office.

Both men face the same accusations.

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