British Muslim striped of his nationality for terror related offences.

A British citizen has been striped of his citizenship due to terror related offences. Madhi Hashi is believed to be in prison somewhere in Africa. The family says he’s been tortured by American secret service in Africa. He is said to have been sorted for recruitment as a spy at some stage in the past by the MI5. while in prison in Africa, he has been deprived of UK passport, access to consular assistance and his return to UK might not be possible with no UK passport

Mohamed and Kaltun Hashi, the parents of the 23-year-old care worker from Camden, North London, became concerned for his safety after being tipped off that in the summer he had been taken to a prison in the African state of Djibouti while visiting neighbouring Somalia.

The father, his solicitor and his friends are running a campaign on his behalf for his passport or citizenship status to be reinstalled.

The whole situation is somehow because the Home office can not remove his status if he has no terror links, The parents and the friends might be talking the way they are but no citizenship rights and passports can be revoked without a serious offence against the state.

Those who fought with ISIS in Iraq and Syria returned to this country with no issues, those who are extremely dangerous and should never be allowed back are back and their  citizenship could not be taken away from them because United Nations and EU law i guess says they can not be rendered stateless as a result dangerous terrorist are allowed back , a serious problem for the security operatives in the country.

For Mr Hashi to be striped of his British passport like that 1) he must have a serious terrorism record or planning a serious terror attack against the state or western world.

2) he most have been in possession of another passport maybe Somali Passport and if he had that then the home office can withdraw his British citizenship if he is a security risk to the state, and he wont be stateless in that case.


The Home office secretary has legal powers that allow serious criminals with dual nationality to have their British citizenship withdrawn, effectively conferring citizenship only when it is “conducive to the public good” (and removing it when it is not). In this case, some Asian-born sex abusers will be stripped of their UK citizenship and deported at the end of their sentences. The implications are very troubling, and suggest that the rights of British citizenship are not absolute.

Yes, citizenship is something that has to be earned, and there are benchmarks for that, but to tie it to origin in criminal cases has problematic racist implications. Yes, one could counter argue that if the perpetrators were white of dual nationality then the same would apply, but that is rarely the case, since most immigrants to the UK, at least in the past few decades, have been from outside of the EU.

Not that the intent is racist, but that is the result. Since 2000, an estimated 37 people have had their British citizenship revoked. Their nationalities include Russian, Somali, Yemeni, Australian, Pakistani, Afghan, Albanian, Egyptian, Lebanese, Sudanese, Vietnamese, Iranian, Iraqi and Nigerian; some have held British passports from birth.

The majority of these are not white. That is not because the majority of serious crimes in the UK are committed by brown or black people of foreign origin, but because they are the ones most likely to have a traceable foreign extraction or dual nationality. Those terrorist and jihadists returning from Syria and Iraq can not stopped from returning nor their passports cancelled because they are not traceable or linked to another country legally but in real fact they have switched allegiance to another country by taking arms against British solders and subject at home and abroad

Home office will not comment on individual case as we all know so we wouldnt know what exact information is available on him or why the home office took such a drastic measures but drastic situation sometimes demands drastic measures.

 It is not just potential terrorists who face losing their UK citizenship. Those involved in serious or organised crime, and who hold dual nationality, can expect similar justice.” its an offence to have dual citizenship.

This is chilling, and the fact that the targets are criminals should not make it any less so. The argument with regard to terrorism has a more legitimate basis, as taking up arms against one’s own country implies a loyalty to another; but where does this leave trickier cases – like white converts to Islamic extremism? where would you deport a white British Muslim who commits the same terrorism offence as those one been striped of their citizenship?

Tying criminal acts to origin is also shows a reluctance to take ownership of your national problems. Whether it is terrorism or sexual abuse, these are problems that affect British society as a whole, no matter how much one would like to think that they are alien, due to foreign infiltration. some of these terrorists or criminals were born in this country and got into crime or terror in this country, most of them got radicalised here because of the unbelievable freedom they have here so deporting or passport stripping is sweeping our society problem under the carpet

Passport-stripping and deportation might quench a vengeful thirst, but they do not cleanse, or prevent these things from happening again.

Passport-stripping also has implications for social cohesion and integration. That some criminals will be hosted at her majesty’s pleasure, at the expense of the taxpayer, with all the privileges and recourse to rehabilitation that affords, and others will be deported if a foreign link can be proved, is a state of affairs that sends a strong message to the children of immigrants – your nationality is on constant parole.

Uk govermenet respects British Muslims rights more than any other person or faith group in the country so this action when we know more about it later would have been justified.

The tone of the video somehow tends towards which hunting from the securities services towards Mr Hashi for refusing to be a spy for them within Muslim community. But if he wasn’t involved in any terror activities he would not have been known to MI5 or security services in the first place.

Home office as we know do not make comment on individual cases

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