Death threat sent to Amir Khan for ‘betraying’ Islam after posting a photo of a Christmas tree from his house.

December 20, 2017

Bolton born Pakistani British boxer, who is a practising Muslim, posted photo of his Christmas tree But the image was met by a backlash of abuse from true Muslims with some threatening death.

Others defended the boxer, insisting he was only making his daughter happy.

Khan has said he wants to show there are many ‘good’ Muslims in the world. They are hard to find though if there were any, looking at all the messages and abuse from the so called true followers of Islam.

Amir Khan was bombarded by threats and trolling messages after he posted a picture of his Christmas tree online.

The former boxer, who is a practising Muslim, posted a photo of the tree on Instagram yesterday night, saying his three-year-old daughter would like it when she woke up.

He posted: ‘While everyone’s asleep, daddy put the Christmas tree up. Lamaisah’s going to be happy.’

But the post led to a horrific backlash from some his followers, who posted abusive and threatening messages in response.

One terrorist wrote: ‘You mut be dead and your family will be death i promise and allah must promise i and allah see you and check you your angel death came too see you. [sic]’

(Now police will not investigate this terrorist for inciting but if a Christian post anything like this towards a Muslim he gets a knock on his door from the police)

(State of the nation)

He said he had put up the tree for his three-year-old daughter, who he said would be happy.
He’s a father and have the right to make his daughter happy irrespective of what those terrorists think or say.

Khan, pictured with wife Faryal Makhdoom, is a practicing Muslim and has spoken of his faith. He has done more for Islam than all those terrorist threatening him and his family.

Thank goodness he is a public figure otherwise some crack head Muslims would have gone up to kill him like they killed that Muslim from Scotland who wished Chritians a happy Easter celebration few years back.

If true Muslim shouldn’t put up a Chrismas tree, if a Muslim who wish Christian a merry Chrismas deserve to die, if Muslims shouldn’t take part in pagan festivals and if Allah will punish any Muslims who takes part in celebrating pagan Chrismas festivals then what the hell are Muslims and Allah doing in a Christain countries?

One sick man wrote: ‘Allah is definitely judging him for that and will surely punish those who imitate the kuffar by celebrating and joining in their pagan… festivals.’

One big question I want Muslims to answer is when you have Islamic problem caused by Islamic followers in your islamic countries and Allah makes it impossible for you to live there anymore, why don’t you cross over to your neighbouring Islamic countries? Why queue up to come to pagans countries?

If any of you can answer the question truthfully for me then I will join your faith.

Why not go to those super rich Islamic neighbours?

Some accused Khan of ‘betraying’ Islam, while another told Khan he should ‘go to hell’ for putting up the tree.

But many other followers, including a number who said they are Muslim, defended Khan’s actions.

One wrote: ‘A Christmas tree for his daughter doesn’t mean that he’s changed religions.’

Another added: ‘He lives in England in a western culture where Christmas is celebrated. It’s about respect just like if you we’re in another country. It’s for his daughter.’

Here is a voice of reasoning and appreciation of the country and culture you live in. The daughter needs to know what kids her age are exposed to too so she’s not lack behind in the community.

It’s called inclusion which isn’t Islamic anyway.

The Western politicians will say we need to integrate Muslims more but here is a Muslim integrating with the culture around him while others are threatening to kill him for it. How can you integrate the un-integratables.

Muslims segregates themselves everywhere they are and this right here is a classic example.

Khan has previously said he is proud of his faith and wants to be role model to young Muslims

In an interview last year, Bolton-born Khan said he spends every Friday afternoon at the mosque near his training camp when he was in California.

He said the mosque was his ‘favorite place to go’, adding: ‘I am not afraid of saying I am a Muslim.

‘I think some people would be scared to say that they are Muslim, especially during the current time, but I am a proud Muslim.

‘There are a lot of good Muslims out there who are against terrorism, who are against, you know, people killing each other.’

But this ‘true Muslim’ here doesn’t believe Khan is a Muslim. Putting up a Chrismas tree is a betrayal to Islam.

Thank goodness for the good and reasonable backing from well meaning followers of his in Instagram

It’s about respect for the community that have accepted you and giving you every hope in life, security and freedom.  (Too much freedom if you ask me)

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