Deputy Sheriff Chauna Thompson and her Husband killed a man for urinating outside a Denny’s by putting him in a choke hold

In a pair of shorts and a grey t-shirt, Shauna Thompson turned herself in to the Harris County Sheriff’s Office in Texas on Thursday

Another police brutality and totally unnecessary killing in America, this time not with gun but with bare hands and involved a woman.

A sheriff deputy and her husband have turned themselves in mere hours after a grand jury indicted them for murder.

Chauna Thompson looked flustered in a pair of black shorts and a grey t-shirt as she and her husband Terry walked towards the Harris County Sheriff’s Office in Texas on Thursday.

The couple have been accused of strangling John Hernandez, 24, outside a Denny’s branch chain in Sheldon, Texas – while his three-year-old daughter and wife begged them to stop, KTRK reported.

‘The little daughter was screaming, “Quit hitting my daddy”‘, Hernandez’s family attorney, Randall Kallinen, said.


Thompson -pictured left – and her husband – pictured right – have been charged with murder after a video appeared to show them strangling a man

The incident occurred on May 28 at around 11 pm.  Hernandez was urinating outside the restaurant when Terry shouted at him to stop, investigators say.

The  verbal exchange quickly became physical.

A bystander recorded the alleged murder in a disturbing video, which appeared to show Thompson holding down Hernandez’s arm with her knee while Terry mounted him and left him in a choke hold for several minutes until he apparently turned blue.

While this unfolded, Hernandez’s wife and three-year-old daughter begged for Terry to release his strong hold.

 In the recording, Terry can be heard repeatedly asking his alleged victim,  ‘do you want me to hit you again?’  before two bystanders command the witness to stop the recording.

A Denny’s employee who witnessed the alleged murder says she and other workers tried to stop Terry but it was to no avail.

Well you did not try enough as its against your company policy as you said to get involved


‘We kept asking him to let go and he wouldn’t,’ she said. ‘He kept holding him and holding him and will not let go even after he turned blue.’

‘It’s wrong, he shouldn’t have killed the man.

‘In my right mind, I wanted to do so much, but I knew working for Denny’s any of us could get into a lot of trouble if any of us got involved.’

Danny’s company policy is even shorking in the situation. the staff are not allowed to get involved even when its a matter of life and death. maybe if the staff had stepped in Mr Hernandez’s life could have been saved. There must be justice for him and Danny’s chain store too should have a question to answer in the unlawful killing.

Hernandez was rushed to the hospital but died three days later, after the doctors had to take him off life support

After witnesses say he was strangled for ten minutes, Hernandez stopped breathing and appeared lifeless.

Thompson then proceeded to give him CPR. Emergency services arrived and then rushed Hernandez to the hospital but after three days he died after doctors had to take him off life support.

Autopsy results revealed that he died from anoxic encephalopathy, which means that his brain was deprived of oxygen during the alleged strangulation.

The Thompson’s’ lawyers plan to claim the couple was acting on self-defence.

‘The video to me is almost by itself enough.

You see a person on the ground who is completely immobilised and grunting and moaning.

 The Thompsons allegedly strangled John Hernandez, pictured, while his three-year-old daughter, also pictured, begged them to stop

And you see a big guy on top of him choking him and he dies of that choking,’  Kallinen said.

Protests have still erupted calling for justice and a fair trial since Thompson is a part of the law enforcement.

While the investigation ensues, Thompson will not be allowed to continue with her patrol duties and has been placed on the administrative team at the station.

At the end of the day nothing will happen to the Deputy sheriff and the innocent man is just dead for nothing since the killer is a member of law enforcement, all kinds of defence news and slanders will surface to misrepresent the dead man and paint the officer a saint.

Sometimes you compare the American and other civilised world justice system with third world nation and you really cant find any difference in them.

Many innocent black people have been killed by white law enforcement members in the past with no issues but this case is so different and so much peculiar.

There was no weapon fired and no crime committed, Hernandez was killed by these killer couple for just urinating or ‘has it got anything to do with the colour of his skin?

 I sincerely hope these two gets what they deserved for killing this man right in front of his wife and kid.

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