Doaa Salah, The beautiful Egyptian TV presenter jailed for appearing to present single motherhood in a positive way.

 Pic from Twitter

An Egyptian TV presenter Doaa Salah jailed after appearing to advocate unmarried sex according to Egyptian Ultraconservative Sharia society.

The presenter is jailed for three years after she appeared to have openly discussed single motherhood in a positive light. In a normal and ideal society single parents should be protected and helped by the state but the reverse seems to be the case in an Islamic setting.

On her show, Doaa Salah discussed ways of becoming pregnant outside a conventional husband-and-wife relationship.

The presenter was charged with outraging public decency.

Sex before or outside marriage is widely regarded as unacceptable in socially conservative Egypt

According to the BBC, Ms Salah discussed ways of becoming pregnant outside a conventional marriage on her show on Al-Nahar TV.

She reportedly suggested a husband could be paid for a brief marriage, and also told her audience that sperm donation was accepted in Western countries — but not in Egypt she was probably speaking for millions of silenced women in Egypt who never had a voice on any issues, even on issues that concerned them.

Majority of women in the country did not agree with the fact that women has absolutely no voice or say in their own affairs but are not in the position to voice it out.

The world of Islam is a completely different world to what we know and Doaa Salah seems to have forgotten she hasn’t got a voice and that media is also under sharia law.

I sincerely hope this barbaric judgement is overturn, it will be sad to see Salah’s media carreer destroyed for such a ridiculous incident or offence.

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