Drake Tattoo Denzel’s face on his body.

The only thing better than getting the likeness of a celebrity tattooed on your body? Having that celebrity comment on the decision during his or her appearance on a nationally televised talk show.

Case in point, we have Drake’s body art of legendary actor Denzel Washington. The screen titan passed by The Tonight Show and chatted with host Jimmy Fallon about several topics, including his new movie Roman J. Israel, Esq., which opened recently. Eventually, the late-night comedian turned the conversation to the Canadian rapper’s tribute to Washington in the form of a tattoo, which left the actor searching for words.


After introducing the picture of the tattoo, which was grabbed from the Instagram account of artist Inal Bersekov, Fallon brought up a good point about the fact that it’s not inherently obvious where exactly Drake placed Denzel’s face on his body. “Yeah, that’s me,” said Washington, his voice trailing off while starting first at the camera, then at the picture of the tattoo in complete bewilderment. Then, he took the photo from Fallon’s hands and tried to imagine where Drizzy could’ve put the tat


“Yeah, now you’ve got me wondering, where is that?” he asked, much to the delight of both Fallon and the audience. Washington is a man known for playing strong, powerful characters who are not easily flustered, so it was kind of hilarious to watch his wheels spin during his segment.

Let’s just say the tattoo was put in an awkward spot on Drake’s body, who would be more honored? Denzel by the fact that the world’s most recognizable emcee loves his work enough to permanently etch his portrait into the skin, or Drake because Washington was at a loss for words for more than a split second?

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