Former FC Barcelona striker Samuel Eto’o arrested after girlfriend plunges to her death during balcony sex is fake news


Former African player of the year Samuel Eto’o story of  been arrested on suspicion of ‘negligence causing others to die’ after his girlfriend fell over a hotel balcony to her death during an outrageous sexual experience in Lagos, Nigeria was fake news.

The news was first published by GlowNews 360 News outlet, There has been no report of such activities from any channel in the country, neither from the police nor the hotel in

The Hotel mentioned in the report,  The Wheatbaker Hotel’, does exist in Lagos and its indeed an executive hotel but nothing of such happened in the hotel.

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The News was also re-published by few other news outlets in America and beyond but the truth of the matter is that the news is fake, Samuel Eto’o was not involved in any sex act in a Lagos hotel leading to the death of a Nigerian girlfriend.

 Read the original story below. 

(“Former Cameroonian striker Samuel Eto’o has been arrested on suspicion of ‘negligence causing others to die’ after his girlfriend fell over a balcony to her death in Lagos, Nigeria.

Samuel Eto’o, 37, was arrested at one of the state’s top luxury hotels, ‘The Wheatbaker Hotel’, along Lawrence Rd, Ikoyi, Lagos, following the horrific death of Nneka Claudia, 26.

She fell to her death after the pair were said to be having ‘strange and extravagant sex’ on the balcony of a 5th floor of the hotel apartment. She suffered severe head injuries and multiple fractures when she plunged naked to the floor below.

A half-used packet of Viagra gel was discovered nearby, it is reported. She was found by the building’s security guard Peter Obina, 25, who said he heard a ‘loud crash’.

He then walked over and saw Nneka lying in a pool of blood before he called for help. Paramedics arrived and performed CPR on Nneka – who was still alive – but she was later pronounced dead in hospital. Nneka, also known by her nickname Joy, was working as a bank teller at Ecobank, Lagos-Ikeja branch.

Police said, the former Barcelona and Inter Milan striker had disembarked the Air France on Tuesday afternoon and booked a hotel at the city where his girlfriend was working. He admitted to police he had taken his girlfriend the following day back to his hotel and ‘had sex in the bedroom and then on the balcony before she fell’.

Staff at the Ecobank where she worked said Nneka was one of the ‘happiest, friendliest girls anybody could wish to meet’. They added in a statement: ‘As many of you know we lost our beautiful Joy today.’ ‘The place will not be the same without Joy’s big cheeky smile and sense of humour. She really was a very special girl and left a lasting impression on all of us. She will remain in our hearts forever,’ the statement said. 

Police Spokesman, Audi Lawal said the former Cameroonian striker Samuel Eto’o will be processed and prosecuted in accordance with the law.”)

It’s not clear how this story is generated but the picture look very much like that of private security,  its also not clear if the individual referred to in the story, Nneka Claudio existed at all but the bank, Ecobank does exists as well as the hotel mentioned in the fake news report.

DisISAfrica was unable to gather any truth about the report and the former Barcelona striker seems to have found a new football home right now in one of turkey’s club sides.

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