Horror in world’s rape capital: 8 month old baby raped in Cape Town


When is the horror of rape and abuse in South Africa going to stop? South Africa known as the rape capital of the world has now gone to a point of no return, a point where something drastic has to be done before victims and their family start taking laws into their hands.

An 8-month-old baby was raped in Bonteheuwel, Cape Town, a local councillor and police said on Tuesday. Police spokesperson Captain FC van Wyk said a case of rape was reported on Saturday at about 14:00.

Facts about 8 months old baby

“My level of nausea far [outweighs] my disgust at this case,” said City of Cape Town ward Councillor Angus McKenzie.

McKenzie said in a Facebook post: “I was in tears at [the] sound of the voice of the family member who graphically replayed what is alleged to have taken place.” 

He said he would fight for bail to be opposed for anybody arrested and would do whatever he could to ensure that a heavy sentence was imposed.

“This young baby needs a united community to grow from this. We need to be in one voice, condemning this moral decay of our society in the strongest terms.

Rape has become business as usual in South Africa for a very long time, more than half of the women in the country have experienced rape or one form of sexual abuse or the other. Any type of rape is bad but nothing can compare with the rape of an innocent 8 months old baby, not eight years but eight months. Absolutely disgusting.

In the meantime, the City of Cape Town launched its second Neighbourhood Safety Team (NST) in Bonteheuwel on Tuesday. 

One-hundred law enforcement officers would work in shifts to prevent crime and deal with by-law transgressions, the City said. 

They would work with the City’s metro police and traffic service, as well as the South African Police Service.

The first NST was launched in Delft in 2017. 

Part of the motivation for launching another NST was due to Bonteheuwel not having its own police station and a need to curb gang violence, the City said in a statement.

The contributing factor to rape culture is South Africa has to do with the laziness of South African men, when we talk of lazy South African men we talk about the black men up and down the country. All they want to do is drink, drink and drink, their women go out to hustle while the men hangs around street corners looking for where and how to get drunk.

The lazy culture of the South African black men leads to being excessively jealous of other African immigrant making a headway or doing well in the country. They results into killing fellow black African migrants in their country, they kind of hate the fact that the immigrants works hard and have money to spend, SA women prefer to date immigrants which infuriates the men, rather than addressing their lazy nature, they results into violence and murder.

Before you say i’m racist, please note that i’m a black African man who just happen to have deep connection with South Africa and knows how things are.

If you live in the Western World then ask yourself why YOU ONLY FIND SOUTH AFRICAN BLACK WOMEN HUSTLING AND WORKING HARD IN THE BUT NOT BLACK SOUTH AFRICAN MEN. They are too busy drinking in SA and waiting for their women to go out, work and bring money home. Those hard working women in the west sends money down for those lazy men to feed their drink habit, this has to stop.

There is so much hard drug abuse culture springing up everywhere, now they share their blood in an attempt to get high. If someone takes drugs and is really high, the rest will do a blood transfusion from him, they believe the drug is in the blood stream so by sharing the blood they all can get high. sometimes they have to even pay they guy for tapping his blood to get high. This new madness is a recipe for disaster, an outbreak of diseases waiting to happen through this system of illegal and unconventional blood transfusion. Outbreak of infection waiting to happen which could be extremely difficult to control.

South African women please wake up… stop feeding the men, stop handing them your cash, let them go out and work like every other person in Africa/world to provide for their women and family.

Some South Africans were absolutely disgusted with the news today and below are few reactions from social media.

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