“I Wish They Could’ve Killed The Entire Christians In The 8 Villages”- Nigerian Muslim Man Reaction To The Killings Of Bachamas By Fulani Muslims


A Nigerian Muslim man, Auwal Usman Sharau has sparked outrage online after he made a comment about the killings of Bachamas by Fulanis in Adamawa state.

Picture above are the people killed by the Fulani Muslims which this animal of a man Usman Sharau thinks the dead bodies are not enough.

According to Auwal Usman Sharau, he wished the Fulanis would burn and kill all Bachamas residents.

In his exact words, “I was disappointed with the Fulani, they only attacked eight villages, i didn’t see any bachamas corpse, i hope they are going to attack again, and the corpse is only in hundreds, i want to see thousands of bachamas dead bodies, i pray fulani would attack before xmas, kill them and burn their houses.”

Usman Sharau will not be prosecuted nor visited by the police for such a gruesome post in Nigeria because he is a Muslim, and speaking from the heart of every Muslim in the North.

Below is the actual Facebook post

That is the state of the Nigerian Nation ruled by heartless MUSLIMS. The Fulani muslims have been killing a lot of people, mostly Christians in the country and the government shields and protect them, but if a Christian or any none Muslims stood their ground against Fulani Muslim invaders they get prosecuted.

If any non Muslims should complain or expose the killings and injustice through the media he gets done for incitement.  Anywhere you turn in Africa and the rest of the world, the story is same.

Muslims do what they want to Christians and they are backed up but no one cares about Christians or other religion being killed.

If any group of Muslim is been displaced or killed anywhere, the whole world would be there in a flash. The so called Dis-United Nations(United Nations) will be there as quickly as possible.

Even the first ‘None Christian Catholic Pope’ will be there.

Libyan Muslims killing Nigerians, people are complaining but how many Nigerians have been killed in Nigeria by the Barbaric Islamic people of the Northern States?

The president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria turns blind eye to all the killings. Why? Because the people being killed are non Muslims, so it’s ok.

The greatest man inhumanity to man in the world is happening right here in Nigeria.

Greatest injustice to mankind is real right here in Nigeria, all well covered up by the Government.

Do people ever wondered or ask why all the so called Nigerians killed trying to cross to Europe from Libya are southerners or southern Nigerians? Not a single Northerner or northern Nigerian in there.

Why…. Because ….. The Government, overwhelming Islamic Maniac and poverty in the mist of plenty are the major drivers. Nigeria have become uninhabitable for most Nigerians except you’re in politics or closely related to someone who is.

Southern Nigerians will take the risk through Libya to Europe rather than stay in Nigeria where they are being treated as second class CITIZENS.

The struggle in Nigeria is real. And the struggle for Black people in the world is real.

We are killed all day long in Africa by fellow Africans with no measures or control.

When some do make it to Europe or America, the struggle starts at a much higher level but at least your life is safe if you stay safe and out of trouble.

Western World policy on black people is “USE THEM AND DUMP THEM”

They don’t care about how many black people are killed around the world, or even in within their  so called Western world but they do care if an Arab is called in Middle East.

The Western World don’t like blacks, blacks don’t like blacks, Arab don’t like blacks, even the holy land people in Israel don’t like blacks.


And if you happens to be Black Christian then you have bigger problem in the Western World. Black African Christians are converting to Islam in England in other to survive peacefully and to have their needs met.

At the end of the day the Arabs don’t even have any regard for the so called black Muslims except to use them for terror attacks. Like Michael Adebolajo and Adebowale

 This Arab man only used these guys to commit terror attack, at the end of the day, they have thrown away their lives for a course that is not their business. They have no idea they are still been used. Black Muslim can never be accepted by the Arabs, take what is going on in Libya as example. See what the Arab men does to Black African Muslim women.


” No Country for black PEOPLE”with the look of things. Please tell me if there is one that i don’t know of.

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