Jacob Zuma bizarre solution to economic hardship is to stop South African from emigrating abroad


Since Jacob Zuma another unreliable corrupt typical African leader wrestled control of South Africa away from Thabo Mbeki the country has been going downhill, everything previous leaders have struggled to build is just been squandered.

The country is witnessing an upswing in South Africans emigrating to the UK, Ireland and Australia and, according to the paper approved by cabinet, emigration has been increasing by about 9% year-on-year, with more and more black professionals looking to leave, the whites are coming to claim inheritance statures in Uk and Ireland.


Following Jacob Zuma’s latest cabinet reshuffle and the subsequent ratings downgrade, the number of South Africans enquiring about emigration options has surged significantly… no surprises there.

The clueless leader Jacob Zuma rather than seeking a solution to improve the country economic situation and hardship which is the main reason why South Africans are looking to move abroad, is trying to limit or stop the number of South African going abroad – that is his government solution. They have completely forgotten how to deal with the unprecedented crime wave, poor standard of living, fast degrading social amenities and the junk credit rating.

How absurd and stupid is that? Sound unrealistic and unbelievable in this century. Well that’s the truth, that’s what you get when you put a hyena to watch over your life stock.


This man has no idea how to rule a country, he can’t even rule his own house, how can he possible rule a country successfully?

South Africa is the only true giant, true pride of Africa and Africans before this Present clueless corrupt and uneducated president took over, country where basic amenities are available unlike the rest of Africa.

He need to be reminded that South Africa is not his prison yard, he cannot force people to remain inside while he and his wives and ex-wife loots the economy and making life difficult for the citizens. Zuma and his cronies need to focus on inclusive economic growth rather than shifting attention from his failures to limiting those leaving and tracking people’s movement.

On Sunday, it was reported that cabinet has approved a piece of legislation (I hope this barbaric legislation never makes it into law) that would allow the department of home affairs to put a trace on all South African citizens planning to leave the country for more than three months. How bizarre is that?


According to Business-tech, the Department of Home Affairs’ White Paper on international migration would be used as a means of keeping tabs on folks outside of the country and to try and limit the number of people looking to leave.

The document also outlines the department of home affairs’ plans on how to deal with the massive influx of African immigrants looking for greener pastures in Mzansi, with the controversial ‘open borders policy’ forming the backbone of said strategy.

The white paper is, reportedly, the first ever of its kind aimed at preventing – or limiting South Africans from emigrating.

In President Zuma i think we are about to witness the birth of another DICTATOR in Africa.


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