Jay-Z in support of Injustice and police brutality in America by wearing a ‘Colin K’ (Kaepernick) jersey during ‘SNL’

Colin Kaepernick may not be on an NFL team, but that didn’t stop Jay-Z from sporting the quarterback’s number as he performed during the “Saturday Night Live” premiere.

[NFL Week 4: Anthem protests remain a big story as Trump tweets again Saturday]

The rapper paid tribute to Kaepernick, the former San Francisco 49ers quarterback who started the idea of demonstrating against social injustice and police brutality by taking a knee during the national anthem, by wearing a generic, black-and-white No. 7 jersey. The name on the back, in case anyone missed his point, was “Colin K.”


Kaepernick, who parted with the 49ers in March, has remained unsigned, with many, including the Green Bay Packers’ Aaron Rodgers, saying that they believe his protest is the reason.

Either signed or not, whichever way you look Kaepernick is an american hero. He might not have fought a meaningless war in Iraq or Vietnam but he believed in America that in its self makes him a hero. He believed in the lies that makes America as America wants every citizen to believe.

The Statue of Liberty.

 The statue of liberty is a fraud and should not still be standing there, like 2pac said the lady statue needs glasses as much as the lady justice because in America there is not justice for black American.

when it comes to justice and equality for blacks, the statue and justice ladies are blind but not obviously blind when it comes to white America justice.

Statue of liberty promised equality, freedom and justice for all but that is not the case for the blacks.

The national anthem talks about the land of freedom, where is the freedom now in America? injustice upon injustice.

White police killing black men and walk free from the courts and when black protest or complain about such treatment, the Twitting president goes to war with them for speaking out. Tell me people where is freedom in America and whats



 Who is more patriotic?

the Twitting president who want to remove the fundamental human rights of Americans or An American citizen (Kaepernick’s) who believes in America’s law, justice and equality and reminds the system when the justice, liberty and equality is been eroded.

Who is more patriotic? a president who does not believe in the law of the country or the citizen who believes in the law.

In my Opinion Kaepernick’s is more Patriotic than ourTwitting President Trump.

Did he or any of his kids ever served in the Military?and he talks about respecting the flag he never waved.


They want blacks to build the nation, to do sports, run fast, win gold medals and wave the flag but not protest when they suffer all manners of injustice in the suppose land of freedom.

NFL owners have said they’re not blackballing Kaepernick’s but he has not ben signed yet by any club. Kaepernick’s started the knee demonstration during national anthem which spread throughout the NFL last week, after Twitting President Trump did the Trump thing again calling any player who takes a knee during the anthem a “son of a bitch” and called on NFL owners to fire or suspend them.

Trump will not remain the president if he was a British prime minister for swearing like that on National TV and in the public. Again the westerners twist decency to suit them when they want, should a president talk like that? is America not embarrassed for such utterances from the president? Oh i forgot, white supremacy is real.

 Let us remind our twitting President that black and white fought for the freedom and liberty of America side by side, so they should both enjoy what their founding fathers fought for.

Its a good thing for people like Jay z and Stevie wonder to voice out in support of injustice in America.



Last month, a report indicated that Jay-Z had turned down an invitation to perform during halftime of Super Bowl LII next year.

The NFL and Jay-Z might not be inclined to partner up, given that the rapper dedicated “The Story of O.J.” from his new album to Colin Kaepernick during a recent show in New York. “I want to dedicate this song to anyone that was held back and you overcame,” he said.

The social injustice is for all to fight against not just the poor.

The Twitting president is fighting a war he can not win with this race card in sports, sports is way too strong and very diverse.

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