Kenyan Musicians Moving to Lagos for International recognition

Kenya’s sultry singer Victoria Kimani and Emmy Kosgey who have already moved and settled well in Nigeria

Now the highly-celebrated Mombasa based Artist ‘Jojoba’ hit maker Dogo Richie is said to have finalised his own relocation plans to Lagos Nigeria. The musician feels he can expand his international audience with such a smart move, he will be following the footsteps of the likes of Victoria Kimani and Emmy Kosgey who have already made Nigeria their new homes.



The musician who is famed by his massive hits such as ‘JoJoba and Mziki Majanga’ will be mixing it with the big boys in Lagos.

The news has been confirmed by his manager to that necessary plans are in motion to make sure Dogo Richie’s music journey to Nigeria (Oga land as it’s called in Kenya) is a success


The manager also said their team has organized a number of collabos with big names in Lagos Nigeria, including ‘Daddy Yoh’ hitmaker Wizkid and Davido



Sources also hint that a popular gospel singer who recently featured a Jamaican songstress in his song is also preparing to relocate to Nigeria to further project his music to international audience.

What is it then that drives Kenyan’s Musicians to Lagos Nigeria?

Nigeria music industry seems to have advanced to a very high level and well recognised worldwide.

The population of Nigeria is another factor, a very large, highly populated country with good love for music. They also have a very large percentage of the population with disposable income who are able to buy new records.


The social life and circle is also high above all other African nation when it comes to entertainments and they have popular and well experienced music and video producers and promoters which is a dream for musicians coming from other African nations.



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