Lagos.. The world fastest growing city that wont stop growing

Lagos is the formal capital of Nigeria and remain the commercial nerve centre of the country. Lagos population is about to explode at the present rate of growth, the population is absolutely unknown since population sensor in Nigeria is a shamble.

United Nation put Lagos population at 14 million while the state government reckon its around 21 million people but at any case the population will not be less than 30 million enough to even form a country on its own.

Just like every other thing in Nigeria, the official population is based on guess work as the real population is unknown.

Lagos is a place where thousands of people rush to daily in search of greener pastures from other parts of the country, its the entertainment capital of Africa and lots of otherAfrican entertainers are now relocating to Lagos in numbers.

Its a place where you find super rich people and super poor people living and co-existing side by side. its a place as they say which accommodates the quick, the brave, the lazy and the thieves.

Found a very detailed report on Lagos conducted by BBC and believe this is what sharing to all Africans

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