More Nigerians returned home from Libyan captivity. Completely out of touch first lady distributing RICE to sick and desperate people.

The returnee from Libya is part of the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) voluntary return scheme which has been helping to Nigerians in Libyan captivity to return home.
The returnees were made up of 39 female adults, 97 male adults, one female infant and five male infants. They were received at the airport by the officials of the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) on behalf of the FG

Mrs Ambode Gesture shows how far Nigerian So called politicians and elites are so far from reality and the people they claim to server or atleast represent

The Lagos State First Lady, wife, Mrs Ambode, who was on ground to represent Nigeria’s First Lady, distributed rice to the returnees on arrival. Last week, a total of 140 Nigerians were deported.

Shame on Nigerian Government, The President, the president’s wife and the wife of the Lagos State Government.

Nigerian returnees who have been subjected to horrific and terrible life in Libya are been giving RICE at the Airport on Arrival. they are people who have been raped, tortured, locked up in decease infested make shift prisons and on returning to a nation who had absolutely no plan for the citizens, the wife of the state government on behalf of the first lady of the country was distributing rice to them.

what is a desperate, sick, jobless, homeless, person to do with RICE?, to cook them under the bridge at Ikeja or Obalende?

This people need medical attention, some are carrying deceases from been raped by those heartless Arab Muslims, some are pregnant with unwanted baby as a result of rape.

These people need housing, like accommodation, in simple term for the first lady, they need a place to stay.

How would they cook your stupid rice when they have not been integrated back into the society. They need emotional and psychological support not stupid rice.

Miss placed priority which is one of the reason the youth who are the strength of the nation are seeking greener pasture abroad.

The Government is completely out of touch with the society and reality. This so called ‘first lady appearing at the airport for camera sake, she did not have any clue of what those returnee might need or have gone through in Libya.

Been at the Airport for the PRESS at the expense of those poor souls is just wrong.

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