Most bizarre boxing ever : Heavy weight fight won without a single punch thrown as boxer ran off the ring.

The boxing world and fans were left stunned in Minneapolis when a heavy weight fight was won without a single punch being thrown in America.

This happened when an American boxer, Curtis Harper walked off the ring just one second after the bell sounded for the fight to commence.

The 30-year-old American fighter was fighting Nigerian heavyweight prospect Efe Ajagba. Ajagba, officials and trainers on both sides watched on in amazement as Harper exited the ring and returned to the dressing rooms just after the bell.

Watch video below.

Harper’s trainer Nate Campbell was furious with his fighter and took to social media to criticise the ‘disrespectful’ move.

Writing on his Facebook page, Campbell wrote: ‘This was madness! I was so embarrassed! This man disrespect himself his wife the fan and me!’

A Premier Boxing Champions reporter suggested Harper was unhappy at the purse he was set to receive for the fight, but if that was the case, he shouldn’t have agreed to the fight or go through the routines for a boxing bout. It was totally strange and bizarre to say the very least.

All seemed normal as both fighters were introduced to the crowd having completed their ring walks and were briefed by referee Celestino Ruiz. But Harper seems to have something else under his sleeve, there has to be a punishment from the international boxing association for such bizarre action.

But after hearing the bell, Harper went under the ropes, walked down the steps, up the ramp and out of the arena, leaving Ajagba and everyone else dumbfounded.
Ruiz ruled Ajagba the winner by means of disqualification at one second of the first round.

Never seen anything like that and this internet user below pretty much summarised my feelings.

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