Mugabe’s Wife Ready To Take Over Power in Zimbabwe


President Robert Mugabe’s wife on Sunday said she is ready to succeed her husband since the ageing president has not chosen a successor.

“I say to Mr Mugabe you should … leave me to take over your post,” she said in an address to thousands of indigenous church followers at a stadium in Harare.

“Have no fear. If you want to give me the job give it to me freely,” Grace Mugabe said.

Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa, who had been touted as a possible successor to the 93-year-old Mugabe, has recently fallen out with him. Fallen out with the President in Robert Mugabe’s Zimbabwe means Mnangagwa can no longer be regarded as a successor.

Tensions rises in Zimbabwe’s ruling party over who will take over from the country’s ageing leader. In an ideal situation party electoral process would take place to elect the new leader but not when a dictator like Mugabe is in charge who rules the entire nation like his household.

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In Africa no one really elects leaders, we only do selection. once somebody has been selected the rest is easy, they go through the election process just to fulfil all righteousness but the result has been pre-determined before the first vote is cast.


On Saturday the president threatened to fire Mnangagwa, accusing him of fanning factionalism to garner support ahead of a party special congress due in December.

Amid party divisions over who should become leader — an event only likely to occur when the incumbent dies — Grace Mugabe, 52, said the party will soon change its constitution to allow a woman to be vice president.


The move would likely see her replace Mnangagwa and pave the way for her to succeed her husband, who is Africa’s oldest president and has ruled the former British colony for 37 years.

Mnangagwa was appointed vice-president in 2014, taking over from Joice Mujuru — who was axed after Grace Mugabe launched a campaign accusing her of plotting to topple the president.

Mugabe’s wife on Sunday also accused Mnangagwa of a dark past of clandestine plots, including planning to stage a coup around the time of Zimbabwe’s independence in 1980.

“In 1980 this person called Mnangagwa wanted to stage a coup. He wanted to wrestle power from the president. He was conspiring with whites. That man is a ravisher,” said Grace Mugabe.


Despite his advanced age and concerns over his health, Mugabe has refused to name a successor.

He has been endorsed as his party’s candidate for next year’s election.

The 52 year old Grace Mugabe will be as bad a leader as her husband, she has been groomed by a dictator and she believe the laws of the land will be changed so she can become the president. Her been a president is her husband insurance policy against prosecution for his atrocities on the people of Zimbabwe. So she is also a dictator in the making.

Mugabe literally run the country to ground and has refuse to let any one else rule except loyalist like his wife.

Breaking the law and changing it to suit their purpose is what she has been groomed to understand.


With recent Assault on a South African girl in South Africa is a clear demonstration that Grace Mugabe has no regard for the law nor human rights. Grace Mugabe will be an extension of his husband and the old bag will still be calling the shots from behind the screen. If this happened, it will be another sad day in the never ending leadership Saga in Africa.

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