Muslim congresswoman may have married her brother for immigration purposes?

Ilhan Omar, the Muslim American congresswoman may have married her brother for immigration purpose. According to the video below, there is strong evidence that she actually committed immigration fraud by marrying her brother for the so purpose of citizenship. But again this is America, anything can happen.

Immigration Fraud

Immigration fraud is a serious felony – for ANYONE to commit as we are lead to believe here. But the fact that strong proof shows that Ilhan Omar married her brother and committed immigration fraud is a whole new level. She is someone who is in congress and should be representing the American people and upholding American laws and values.

The problem with the so called western world is that the Muslim community are
sacred cow and dealt with with a different law. It is frightening that she is still a congresswoman. How did anyone vote her into congress anyway? Why do Americans look past her racism and anti-american values? Most times the western world are too desperate to be seen as liberal by the Arab world that they ignore the cries of their own citizen. E.g Germany in 2014/15 and the EU as well.

Let us hope she is able to clear the air on this matter and not just sweep it under the carpet as they always do. She probably have genuine and legitimate reason for it or maybe the story isn’t true after all, otherwise how could anyone with such record declare for congress and actually got voted in?

Will the American People Ignore it?

American people seems to ignore anything that has to do with Muslims community just like its done in Europe, the Muslims are to a very large extent above the ordinary laws of the western society. they have no respect for western values and morals and in most cases, they have “a law within a law” of the western laws which they operate.

Omar and the brother-husband

Will the American people ignore this issue as well? It seems that anything problematic that relates to democrats and Muslims, too many remain silent. No one wants to say anything. Even when it is serious. Ilhan Omar’s vicious antisemitism has not properly been addressed. And it has been happening far too often. Even the President has asked her to resign! Indeed, people are afraid to offend Muslims. Blatant antisemitism could be ignored but should immigration fraud be ignored as well?

The fact remains that the world are too afraid of Islamic communities. Muslims commits offence or engage in activities in the WEST which they would not have engaged in within an Islamic country. Do you think a Muslim group will parade the street of Morocco with ISIS flag as they would in London? They take advantage of the liberal law of the west and the fact that westerners are too afraid to speak the truth, everyone is afraid of being labeled a racist. As a result they turn a blind eye to evil as long as its not carried out by the westerners themselves.

Yes the American people will ignore it just like the British, German, Austrian, Canadian, Belgian, French and the Irish would. its a norm.

Omar’s trip to London

Do the American not ignore children under the age of 13 being flown to Pakistan to marry their uncles for the purpose of immigration and entry visa? This kind of arrangement Omar allegedly did is not new in the Islamic community, marriage for visa and passport is a common thing, very common in the UK as well but who is to question them?

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