Muslim convert warning of Islamic Terrorist using Ireland as a gateway for terror (video)

Aliyah a Muslim Covert told Irish television of terrorist using Ireland as a gateway into Uk for terror acts. She said they have seen Ireland as an easy touch for them to travel through

 There are about 100 to 150 of them in Ireland and they are at some stage likely to attack Ireland if Irish border or control is tightened up on them.

This woman which ever way we look at it came forward to warn the authority about the looming danger in this jihads Seeing Ireland as a soft spot and a place they can hide, maintain a low profile life style until its time to strike. These extremist elements or individuals may have sleeper cells in Ireland in preparation to attack targets in the UK,  EU or even there in the Republic of Ireland.

The Irish Garda and other security operatives need to now cooperate with British and European security services to try control or limit their easy access to Ireland.

On the other hand it will be almost impossible to control these people, to limit their movement or maintain a cross border surveillance whicj could be a nightmare for security operatives across both borders.

Our Christian Values and way of life is the major reason while we accept people into our country but this is now becoming serious issues with all the terrorist attack in London and the rest of the world.

One of the London Bridge terrorist had a connection to Ireland which is quite scary considering how peaceful and loving Republic of Ireland is and how tolerant they are to people of Islamic faith.


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