Muslim Migrant gang left 12 people injured after carrying out random attacks in Amberg, Germany

A member of the gang

A Gang of four Muslim migrants from Iran, Syria and Afghanistan left 12 people aged 13 to 42 injured after carrying out unprovoked random attacks and racist abuse in a German city of Amberg last Saturday.

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A German police leader said the four migrants who attacked people in a Bavarian town last weekend have a ‘deep contempt for our state and the people who live here’.

The violence broke out at about 6.30pm on Saturday at Amberg station.

A 13-year-old, named as Nimo M was kicked in the stomach before a 29-year-old, identified as a landscape gardener named Marco S. was hit in the face.

In another incident, a 17-year-old girl was reportedly branded a ‘hooker before her companions were struck in the face when they tried to intervene. One eyewitness said a man was pushed down a flight of stairs at the train station.  

A man who tried to help them was also beaten up, said the teenager, who needed hospital treatment for bruises and concussion. 

The attacks have revived a simmering debate over immigration, integration and crime that has flared since the mass influx of over one million asylum seekers since 2015.

The problem is that these migrants refused to integrate with European culture and way of life, they believe its their right for European to accept and provide for them here irrespective. so, they have no regard whatsoever for European laws and citizens.

Some lived many years in countries like Britain, issued with British passport without much word of English.

Attack happened in the German city of Amberg

Rainer Wendt, the boss of a police union, said the four young attackers should ‘only return to freedom when they set foot back in their homeland’. 

Mr Wendt told Bild: ‘It can’t be that we only call it a hunt when it’s right-wing extremists. ‘We’re always told the attackers’ motives are not known. I’ll tell you their motive: It’s a deep contempt for our state and the people who live here. 

Members of the National Democratic Party, a fringe group linked to neo-Nazis, posted pictures on Facebook of members wearing red vests to create ‘safe zones’.

Markus Söder condemned the attack in Amberg

Bavaria’s state premier Markus Söder condemned the attacks in Amberg, saying people who abused Germany’s hospitality had to leave the country. 

But he said right-wing groups were trying to ‘abuse’ the situation, saying Bavaria would deal with it ‘calmly and systematically’. 

The mayor of Amberg, Michael Cerny, also said he was ‘shocked’ that the neo-Nazi group were marching on his streets. 

‘I can understand the insecurity seen in some of the reactions of some Ambergers, but the hatred and the threats of violence from all over the country go way too far,’ he said.  

The attacks have prompted members of a neo-Nazi linked party to set up a vigilante street patrol. 

Angela Merkel’s decision to open Germany’s doors has weakened her authority and contributed to the rise of the populist Alternative for Germany (AfD), who are now represented in the national parliament and all 16 state assemblies. 

AfD politician Georg Pazderski said: ‘When will there be enough victims that left-wing politicians change their minds?’.  Unfortunately, the lefties will never change, they want us to believe that they are good people, doing the right thing for the less privileged. But the Muslim Migrants have taken over the whole refugee privileges and the real refugee who are running from genuine persecutions have no chance.

Muslim gangs in France decides on which migrants makes the trip to UK or which one sleeps where or eat what. The situation is desperate for Migrant from Non-Muslim religion in Europe. Muslims gangs rules the European landscape of refugee.

Interior Minister Horst Seehofer, who has been harshly critical of Merkel’s liberal stance on immigration, called for speedy expulsions of immigrants who break the law.

Another member of the gang

German media reported the suspects included an Afghan man with an ongoing asylum request and three rejected asylum seekers. 

They were said to be an Iranian who has no passport, an Afghan who is underage, (they all claim underage when they gets to Europe) and another Afghan with an ongoing appeal against his deportation order.

A spokeswoman for Mrs Merkel on Wednesday condemned the assaults in Amberg

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