Nigerian and Fraud: Another sophisticated benefit fraudster

Here is another Nigerian fraudster couple in the UK. Benefit fraud, facility not available back home in Africa which people tends to abuse in the western world. This guys are legal in the country they have God given ability to work and make a good life for themselves but chose the life of dirty crime and fraud.

What is it with Nigerians and fraud? everywhere you go in the world its the same thing – from London -to Ireland to Malaysia to South Africa Canada and the United States.

This is a serious issue for very few hard working and easy going Nigerians abroad. Almost Everybody in Nigeria is into one fraud or the other, people living way above their income, Goverment officials and politicians are fraudsters, judiciary is fraud, police force is fraud, Military is fraud, Churches and Mosques are fraud, Religious leaders are fraud and even the president of the country rode to power on the back of massive group of fraudulent individuals.

In this video you can see how greedy these guys are and they are millions literally millions of them in other African countries, Europe, America and now Asia.

What shall we say about these things…. Charity begins at home… Nigerians are fraudsters inside Nigeria and fraudsters outside Nigeria, even 90% of the churches are part of the fraud.

The Bible made us to understand that when the foundation of a building is wrong or destroyed the builders are only wasting their time, the house if built will fall. Our society worship money and position irrespective of how the money and position is attained.

Politicians will  Kill fellow human beings just to get into power because of money, jobless uneducated street thugs will pride police recruiters to get into police force so as to use the ‘Uniform’ to rob on the streets.

There are more expensive cars on the street in Nigeria than most countries in the world except oil rich middle east countries.




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