Nigerian Police behaving like criminals, drinking alcohol publicly and firing a weapon

This is a day of shame to the So called elite Nigerian police force from the Inspector General of Police’ (IGP) Intelligence Response Team (IRT).

A video has surfaced online which shows operatives of the Nigerian Police Intelligence Response Team (IRT) dancing and celebrating the arrest of notorious kidnapper, Evans.

In this video you will see police officers shamelessly drinking alcohol and dancing to a Naija music celebrating stupidity, they are paid to fight crime and to protect the citizens which clearly they have failed for many years in respect of Kidnapping situation in Nigeria.

On Saturday they managed to arrest a notorious kidnapper Evans who have been operating under their noses in Lagos for many years, this should be a thing of shame to them that such a crime has been allowed to go on in Nigeria for so long but instead are now celebrating doing their job in a dis-respective manner.

The officer to your left wearing Ankara style is carrying a bottle of GIN, drinking from it and dancing as if he has done something spectacular when as a matter of fact has failed many Nigerians who’s family member has been kidnapped over the years.

If you look closely the one in black T’ shirt even fired a weapon in celebration, are the bullets accounted for? why should an officer of the law be doing that? this clans were behaving exactly like thugs and criminals, no wonder they have not been able to catch the criminals for so long

There is a pregnant officer in the mist dancing away as if its her wedding day celebrating failures and lawlessness in the society.

These set of shameless idiots should be called to order, these once are suppose to do their jobs with utmost respect and humility. Evans has been declared wanted since 2013, the guy has not relocated away from Lagos which means they have not been able to track him down for 4 years while he was still doing his job of kidnapping. so why are they now celebrating the arrest after 4 years of living in the same city.


Evans was arrested in his Magodo Estate mansion around 1pm on Saturday by the IRT, headed by an Assistant Commissioner of Police, Abba Kyari.

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