Nigerian President Buhari died in London

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Nigerian President Mohammadu Buhari has died in London Hospital while receiving medical treatment.

The president came to the UK last Sunday for consultations and treatment with his doctors but unfortunately did not survive the treatment.

There has been serious revelations about his deteriorating health situation over some time and some not so good pictures of his on social media.

The Nigerian High Commissioner to UK told reporters that plans are already in motion to get the late president body back to Abuja Nigeria to be buried.

The president has decided that coming to the United Kingdom for treatment is much better than getting treatment in his own country, he was also in the UK in January for similar treatment and returned to Nigeria in March. The late President was in June 2016 for treatment on just an ear infection.

The federal Government has not released any official statement on the death of the president. He passed away at the age of 74.

The Vice-President of the federation Yemi Osinbajo should be sworn in as the substantive president of Nigeria.

Let’s us all wait and see what the northern caliphates next move will be on the situation.

The story might not be true but its the wish of every suffering Nigerian.

The news will continue to surface as long as the the country has a sick president who will not r esign and let somebody else takes over the government.

As at today the president is still whole, healthy and very much alive. reported his death but there must be certain element in his condition at the hospital that is bringing out such News every time he visits the UK for treatment.

No one knows the truth as yet until we hear from the president himself.

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