Nigerian president sends 30,000 police personnel to Ekiti to Secure electoral victory which is more important to him than securing Nigerian lives!’.

Nigerian Police Force announced that 30,000 police personnel will be sent to Ekiti State this weekend ahead of the July 14th governorship election, Ekiti state is one of the few states in the country which will not allow Fulani herdsman terrorist group to willingly take over the state. The state governor and some eminent Personnel in the state have been very critical of the present administration blind eye turned to the killing of innocent Nigerians by Fulani herdsmen terrorist group.

It’s worth mentioning here that the president of the country is a life patron of the terror group and the group is in active pursuit of Islamic agenda over Nigeria.

30,000 police sent to the state by the federal government of Buhari to win him the state while fulani herdmen have killed over 4,000 Christians in Nigeria with no police protection. Not a single fulani herdsman have been brought to justice since the killing stated.

The police actually vacates their security loc

ations each time the Fulani herdsmen are about to start their killing. The last time over 200 people were killed, Christians returning from a funeral.

The operation or the killing started at around 1pm in the afternoon and lasted till 8pm the next day, well over 30 hours and no single police officer showed up until after they have completed the slaughtering operation, they were going door to door killing people and burning their houses. They were going from village to village for over 30 hours, 30,000 police personnel did not show up to protect the people but now the president is able to send 30,000 police Personnel to intimidate voters in Ekiti state, to force his own candidate on the people, a candidate who will allow Islamic takeover of the state.

In his reaction, Reno Omokri said, ‘the Buhari administration is sending 30,000 policemen to Ekiti because they want APC to win. How come they never sent that much police to Benue, Plateau or Taraba to secure Nigerian lives? Securing electoral victory is always more important to them than securing Nigerian lives!’.

The police Personnel caused serious havoc in the state when the democratically elected governor was leading the people of the state on a peaceful victory rally. The presidential thugs in police uniform descended heavily on them, beating them all up even including the governor himself. That is the Buhari Democracy for Nigeria

Below is the police siege on the state as directed by the presidency

Many are beaten up pretty bad including the governor, many are shot at and many are wounded.

Governor Fayose is seeing crying on national tv calling on international community to come to the aid of Nigerians. He said if a governor could be treated like that by those presidential thugs in uniform, how much more pain would they inflict on ordinary Nigerians with no political appointment.

That’s the state of the nation under president Buhari and the so called western and international community are watching but kept silent. If the table was turned and the people being killed are muslims the whole world would have descended on Nigeria.

How many people will be killed this weekend during the election is anybody’s guess.

Buhari and the Fulanis are pushing the Nigerian nation towards another civil war and that winter storm will be upon us sooner than expected.

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