Police asked a black NFL player driving a new mercedes if he was a gang member or drug dealer

Paul Richardson, an African American who just signed a $40 million five-year contract with the Redskins was pulled over by Virginia state police and asked if he was a gang member or drug dealer because he was driving in a new Mercedes.


Paul Richardson Jr.’s tweets about the questions he was asked during a Tuesday traffic stop which prompted the usual story of an ‘internal review’ by state police. We have heard that too many times when police stereotype black people.

Whenever the police are wrong they talk about internal review which is the American classic way of throwing the case under the white supremacist carpet.

Paul Richardson is an African American NFL footballer who have just signed a huge $40 million five year contract with the Redskins, as a tax payer law abiding hard working American, hehas the right like everyone else to drive whatever car he want without fear of prejudice and stereotype.

The crime BWD is for real. (Black While Driving) I wrote about the new crime which is very common in UK and America few years ago to raise awareness about it, it’s now at a super advance stage right here in America.

There have been calls from the media for the police department to release the police bodycam video of the traffic stop.

But the Virginia State Police won’t release video of the traffic stop involving the Washington Redskins wide receiver who said a state trooper asked if he was a gang member or drug dealer.

The department said Friday that it was declining a public records request by The Associated Press for video taken from the trooper’s in-car camera.

Spokeswoman Corinne Geller said the department has the discretion to release the video under state law but has chosen not to.

American Police classic way of saying FUCK y’all we can do whatever we like and get away with it, our backing is right from the white house.


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