President Barack Obama reports for jury duty in Chicago

Credit: (Joshua lott and Getty images)

Former President Barack Obama arrived in Chicago, Illinois, on Wednesday morning for jury duty.

The 44th president departed from his home in the city’s South Side and arrived at the Richard J. Daley Center downtown shortly after 10 a.m, the Associated Press reported.

  by Joshua Lott/Getty Images)

CHICAGO by Joshua Lott/Getty Images)

Former President Obama showed up wearing a sport coat and dress shirt — no tie — as he waved at onlookers on his way inside the courthouse.
People are so happy to see him and he was shaking few hands too.

Inside the court room he shook hand with all the other junior juros in his warm and charismatic nature.

As Angel Martinez puts it in her Twitter page below after shaking hands with the president.

Though Obama would likely be one of the most famous potential jurors in his county this year, he is in line to be paid the same $17.20 a day that everyone else receives for reporting for jury duty.

However, it remains unclear whether or not Obama was selected to sit on a jury or if he was forced to succumb to watching old videos explaining the ins-and-outs of jury duty like other would-be jurors which is the normal standard. But as a trained lawyer himself I wouldn’t think such video watching exercise would be needed.

As a law abiding citizen he has turned up to fulfill his constitutional duties which is quite remarkable.

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