President Jacob Zuma Industrial Scale Money Laundry Involving British Banks

Lord Hain Has warned of the possibility of a large scale money laundry scandal involving two British banks, HSBC and Chartered Standard Bank and President Jacob Zuma of South Africa.

He said the money involved are in the Billions siphoned from South Africa by the president through his allies via British banks.

Watch the video below from Sky News

The video you’re about to watch will make you sick of the industrial scale corruption of African leaders and the double standard of the western world.

President Zuma as usual has denied any involvement in the scandal but did not deny the fact that there is an industrial scale siphoning of South African money to the UK.

London Is fast becoming the money laundry capital of the world. Money flying in from all the corners of the globe, either into the banks, Football league or property market in the capital, it has become the millionaire playground from across the world with no question asked where millions are spent to buy properties which were never occupied..

Few weeks back it was the corrupt Nigerian politicians buying expensive properties in London through some smoke screen companies which makes the original owners of such properties untraceable.

Millions of pounds worth of property are bought in London by fraudulent African politicians with no question asked, Large and small scale money laundering of money meant for poor Africans have been used on all sorts of lavish life style in the UK.

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When is Colonial mentality going to stop, when is the poor gonna learn not to give their little to the rich. its just unbelievable how far backward the African leaders are compared to leaders from other part of the world.

Lord Hein  says the money that should have been used to build hospitals and school in south Africa is been siphoned into Britain.


Here is President Jacob Zuma who was threatening to expel white South Africans and take back their land and properties.

Meanwhile the Fire breathing President was actually siphoning the Nation’s money to another white country but claiming to ‘hate the whites’ at home. If he hates the white world as his action then meant, why has he been stealing or siphoning the money to Great Britain. I think Jacob Zuma still think he’s under the slave trade or colonial rule.


These situation has been happening all over Africa, African leaders have been siphoning money to the western world. while the west claim to fight corruption. especially Britain with an exceptional high moral ground  but looted money have been pumping in from form every where especially into Football League

British Financial Conduct Authority are aware of the allegation and are looking into it. According to the reports from Sky News. British companies dealing with South African businesses will now be properly scrutinised going forward in their activities with Zuma or South Africa.

Let us wait and see what comes out of this or maybe it will be swept under political diplomatic carpets.

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