Protest against another mega mosque in Ghent area of Belgium attracts media attention.

A peaceful protest, organised by conservative Belgian party “Vlaams Belang”, can be seen as a success.

The action against a new Turkish mosque in Ghent attracted a lot of media attention and hoodlums from the Muslim within the neighborhood.

Numerous police officers were needed to control a Turkish counter-protest of “Allahu Akbar” shouting Turks.

Even a line of elderly Turks had to be formed to keep Turkish hothead youth away from the police and the peaceful Belgian protesters.

The Muslim youth always think they are above the law and, can do whatever they want and get away with it, but in the real sense they are above the law to a very large extent in Europe.

Filip Dewinter, one of the Belgian protest leaders said: “We will not give another centimetre of ground to Islam”. Dewinter called the location of the protest “a Turkish ghetto where Islam rules”.

The new mosque in Ghent will be the largest in Flanders with the size of 2,500 square meters and two sky high minarets. Construction will start next year but it is not clear who will pay for the project.

Is it not too late for Europe to fight against Islam total take over? The damage has been done.

The mosque will be built with tax payers money under multiculturalism scheme.

In places like Belgium, France and some areas of the UK there is absolutely no difference to when you’re on the street of Islamabad.

Too many no go area for the police and non muslim around these mosques and there neighbourhood, also their natural hostility towards law enforcement agencies makes it near impossible for terrorism activities within the neighbourhood to be monitored.

Protesting against the erection of another mosque is the beginning of at least some awareness in EUROPE. There was something similar in Michigan State in America which was successful but the Belgium protest will be of no significant effect except creating awareness or wake up call to POLITICAL CORRECTNESS  EUROPE.

Today in Great Britain churches are not allowed in residential areas but mega size mosques are located everywhere within residential area with their public address system blasting call for prayers at odd hours of the morning.

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