Shocking: Police officer says to a black 65-year old grand mother to “shut the fuck up and get out of the car” before she dragged out of her vehicle – (video)

Georgia Police traffic squad camera captured an incredible moment when a police officer James Legg shouting at a 65 year old Rose Campbell, ‘you’re not in charge, shut the f*** up’ before pulling her out of her vehicle during a heated traffic stop encounter on Windward Parkway in Alpharetta on May 4.

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Campbell’s arrest followed a stand-off lasting more than five minutes during which the driver refused to sign a traffic violation ticket and then ignored repeated requests to leave her vehicle. Instead of coming out of her vehicle she requested to speak with a police supervisor.

The Alpharetta Police Department posted the video on Facebook with a statement from Public Safety Chief John Robinson in which he said Legg’s behaviour ‘did not represent our organisation’.

 ‘We strive to be a transparent department. And ‘If we are going to be 100 percent transparent, that means that we also must be willing to share with you any major concerns that arise regarding employee performance and behaviour’.

second officer, who has not been named, gets out of one of the cars and approaches Campbell, telling her: ‘I need you to get out of the car, step out.

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‘Come out of the car, you’re been arrested. We’re not going to try and hurt you.’

Officer Legg walks to the other side of the car as the polite, but heated, encounter continues.

Campbell says, ‘I won’t come out for him,’ referring to the first officer.

Campbell is seen in a police mug shot
Police mug shot

The second officer says, ‘Ok, alright, as he gently helps her out of the vehicle.’

But at this point Legg begins shouting curses at Campbell. ‘Hey, you’re not in charge, shut the f*** up and get out of the car,’ he screams.

The Footage

Officer Michael Swerdlove is seen on the footage approaching Campbell’s  SUV to check her license and explain she had been ticketed for drifting between two lanes.

After hearing she had been ticketed, Campbell asks Swerdlove to call a supervisor, which he claims to have done. So she refused to sign the ticket while waiting for the supervisor. But by not signing the ticket Swerdlove asks her to step out of her car so she can be arrested.

‘Step out of the car’, Swerdlove says repeatedly, to which Campbell replies, ‘I’m going to wait for your supervisor.’

The exchange then becomes heated as Campbell closes her door on Swerdlove, which he reacts to by shouting at her to leave the vehicle and trying to pull her out.

‘Stop it! Your supervisor needs to come now, now!’ she replies.

‘You need to get out of the car, you’re under arrest,’ Swerdlove says. ‘Step out of the car, you need to come now.’ she say ‘I won’t until your supervisor comes. ‘This is abusive behaviour, no sir. I need to speak to supervisor, now!’

‘You’re under arrest, you are resisting arrest,’ the officer replies.


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Officer Legg wearing a cap. ‘Hey, you’re not in charge, shut the f*** up and get out of the car,’ he screams.

Lots of  reinforcements called in by Swerdlove arrive in two police cars to arrest a 65 year old grand mother, with their sirens blaring  pulling up next to Campbell’s SUV .

Campbell recounted her experience to WSB ‘I didn’t expect that in America. I didn’t expect that in Atlanta. I didn’t expect that especially in Alpharetta.’ ‘I just panicked, I felt like my heart exploded.

Am I in a movie? Is this a movie? I couldn’t believe it. It was surreal,’ She said she was scared and felt ganged up on by the officers

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She said all she wanted to talk to was the supervisor

Officer Legg has been suspended immediately and has since resigned from the police force.

 The swift action from the Alpharetta Police Department is commendable, if actions like this are taking on several other situation around the country, if just some of the Police Department can be a little transparent, it could go a long way to reduce racial tension in the country.

A swift and decisive action like that will help rebuild trust between the public and police department especially within the African American community

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65 year old lady being led away by five police officers

Campbell says she wants an apology and more training for officers and has not decided whether to take legal action.

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