South Africa drawing closer to conflict or maybe civil war as its volatile Zulu president vows to seize land from whites the Zimbabwe style



On stage in a stadium in Soweto, the South African president was dancing a Zulu war jig. Although a court order against ‘hate speech’ meant Jacob Zuma, a former cattle herder, was banned from singing his favourite ‘liberation’ songs, including Bring Me My Machine Gun and Shoot The Boer.

After listening to speeches in which some cronies described him as a ‘giant’ alongside African leaders such as Nelson Mandela, Zuma delighted supporters at his 75th birthday celebrations few weeks back on tax payers money (close to £1 million spent).

Straight away Jacob Zuma went on the attack and vowed to take back land from white South Africans (Note that line white South Africans)

In front of more than 20,000 people, party loyalists and others bussed in with the promise of free food and ‘Zuma T-shirts’ — he warned the white population he was coming for their land.

Zuma attacked his white opponents, saying: ‘They are telling us that we will be breaking the law when we take the land — but they broke the law first by stealing our land!’

As cheers rang out, he added: ‘No normal person would sit idly by after his land has been stolen from him. Why should I keep quiet about the land issue? [Whites] hate me because I touched a raw nerve by talking about the economy that all should share in.’

He also attacked his critics among the black population, branding them ‘back stabbers and cowards’. Anyone opposing him was a ‘racist’.

Zuma had earlier informed the South African parliament that he planned to introduce a new law allowing land seizures to go ahead without compensation, saying all blacks should unite to ‘take back the land’. at this junction one can not but wonder what the state of mind of this man is, Jacob Zuma is talking here like a man with mental issues.

Two serious self destructive moves, 1st Wanting parliament to pass a law to take Land from Owners without compensation’ 2nd inciting community, society and political unrest, promoting violence among the people and pitching BLACKS against WHITE.

 These two fools need to know that taking land back from white farmers is a total destruction of what is left of the South African economy. 

Mzwandile Masina, a prominent member of the ruling African National Congress (ANC), made his own incendiary contribution, warning that ‘we will crush’ anyone who stands ‘in the way of nation building’. Well Mr Stupid Masina this is not a nation building, this is the beginning of nations destruction. You only need to open your big ugly eyes across to your neighbours Zimbabwe who did that years back.

Whites, which are about four million out of a total South African population of 50 million, should expect that things will be ‘very, very rough’ for them, Masina warned. He told the crowd that while the white population is small in number, ‘we are many’. What a very senseless man. The 4 million white are also Africans this fool forgot that.

‘I want to say to our white counterparts in South Africa, they must be very, very careful,’ Masina added. ‘This thing of being shown the middle finger by white people because they have gained a new confidence must come to an end. We are not monkeys, we are people.’

This is easy to say Manisa, but my question to you is, do you and your No Hopper Zuma ever for once think about the common people of South Africa while looting the treasury? Have you ever treated the people as ‘people’ and not ‘monkeys’? if you did you wouldn’t even be talking about making life difficult for the citizens because they are white.


Zuma and his cronies have looted and destroyed the South African Economy so much that the people are beginning to revolt against him, in other to shift the blame away from himself and his inadequacies the silly man is shifting the blame on white farmers. White farmers did not loot the treasury of millions but you Mr president.

A man, wearing a T-shirt with a photo of Zuma on it, laughed bitterly when asked by if he had come to the celebrations to support his leader.

‘My friend, I have three children I can barely afford to feed, there is no work, so how do you think I can support this crook,’ he hissed. ‘I only came to see if there was food.’ Sadly that’s what Zuma has reduced the country to, people turning out on his parade on the hope of getting food and freebies.

The common saying in South Africa today as echoed by this 49-year-old man: ‘At least the whites (under apartheid) gave us jobs. Mandela tried to get rid of black and white and make us grey. This clown is dragging us down and down.’ Those are big words and epitomise the situation in the country

The economy is undoubtedly in peril after government bonds were downgraded to junk status.

Unemployment is 90 per cent in some townships, and riots — described as ‘service delivery protests’ by the ANC — are so widespread and frequent they barely get reported.


Crime rate is so high with close to 50 murders a day and South Africa has become the rape capital of Africa if not the world with a woman sexually assaulted every 23 seconds, even president Zuma was accused of rape in time past.

Became the nation’s fourth black president in 2009.

Zuma has had six wives and 22 children and has been linked with numerous other women. In 2005, when he was accused of raping the daughter of an ANC friend, he denied the charges, claiming it was consensual and it was his duty as a ‘Zulu warrior’ to have sex with a woman if she wore a short kanga — an African wrap — and he could not leave her ‘unfulfilled’.

‘In the Zulu culture, you cannot just leave a woman if she is ready,’ he told the court. ‘To deny her sex, that would have been tantamount to rape.’ –  What a man

Thieving from State Coffers

Former president F.W. de Klerk, who, in 1993, was awarded a joint Nobel Peace prize with Mandela, believes thieving from state coffers will spell disaster.

‘Corruption is a deadly threat to South Africa,’ he said. ‘It has enriched the leadership group — but will make it difficult for the great majority of South Africans to escape from poverty. Most seriously, it has corrupted the values for which leaders like Nelson Mandela struggled.



A Dangerously Rich Man

Zuma is now fabulously rich, with a personal fortune estimated at between £15 million and £100 million.  He has been accused of taking huge bribes in an arms deal, and could face up to 783 charges.


In the style of a Zulu king’s kraal, he has sprawling palace and homes for four of his wives, reportedly connected to his own grander house by tunnels, as well as two helicopter landing pads, and an area for cattle all built on tax payers money.

he was ordered last year by the public persecutor to pay back some of the costs of upgrading the presidential palace, including the price of a swimming pool he claimed was needed for water in case of a fire. (that show how unintelligent and uneducated Zuma really is) Zuma financial power rather than his sexual activities is a serious threat to the future of South Africa.

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Looming Civil War


As Zuma’s wealth and power have grown, the parallels with the collapse of Zimbabwe are ever more striking. South Africa lurches ever closer towards the abyss of a Zimbabwe-style collapse and possible violence as black and white factions prepare themselves for conflict.

Military veterans, who answer only to Zuma and who served in the ANC’s military wing, have paraded on the streets. They formed a guard of honour at Zuma’s recent party.


Zimbabwe’s despotic president, Mugabe, also used ‘military veterans’ to seize white farms in year 2000, tipping the country into years of decay, the destructive policies now being proposed by Zuma.

Now some white South Africans are taking extreme measures in response. Where once ANC guerrillas camped in the bush, plotting against white rulers, now it is white militias training at secret camps.


Training: Volunteers in the Kommandokorps are in the bush preparing for bloody conflict

These are run by leaders of the Kommandokorps, a volunteer force who wear the brown military uniforms of South Africa’s old apartheid-era forces.

On remote farms, recruits are being trained with pistols, pump-action shotguns and 303 rifles.

More than 2,500 volunteers, aged from 14 to 38, have been drilled. Their leader is Colonel Franz Jooste, a former officer in the old South African army


The ANC is also training thousands of ‘national rural youth service corps’ at military bases. There are reports that volunteers on the two-year programmes have been promised land. (The ANC denies they are trained as soldiers, but admits they are ‘exposed to military discipline so they become better and more patriotic citizens’.)

 ‘We hope that the world will condemn growing institutionalised racism against (white) minorities with the same vigour with which it condemned apartheid.’

A war within ANC party

Julius ‘Ju Ju’ Malema, a former ANC youth leader tipped as a future South African president before falling out of favour with Zuma is also a problem, not just to Zuma and ANC but to the whole racial tension. Julius has created his own anti-white party called the Economic Freedom Fighters. Another silly corrupt, racist and un African

Self-styled ‘Commander in Chief’ Malema has attracted millions of supporters. He has urged blacks to illegally seize white land ‘wherever they see it’.

‘We are not calling for the slaughter of white people — at least for now,’ he said in a recent speech. ‘The rightful owners of the land are black people. No white person is a rightful owner of the land here in South Africa and the whole of the African continent.’

How can a political leader insinuate killing of other citizens? is he not preaching ethnic cleansing or genocide here?

‘President Zuma, Mzwandile Masina and Julius Jo Jo Malema are three very dangerous individuals building racial animosities in South Africa.

These fools are reversing all the good hard work of forgiveness, integration and tolerant built by former leaders especially Nelson Mandela.

Zimbabwe style of self destruction

There are plenty of lands to farm in the country if anyone need lands to cultivate, why these three clowns want to take lands from fellow citizens is beyond any reasoning.

The ANC claims it does not want to repeat the mistakes of Zimbabwe but in reality, its heading towards same thing if it proceeds with land grabbing without due compensation.

Grooming Ex-Wife


To protect Zuma from persecution when he leaves the presidency, he is now grooming his ex-wife to take over power after him. He illegally provided security protection for her with state money until recently challenged in the courts. Zuma thinks the presidency is his family birth-right, its not even clear if this ex-wife is really ex wife or wife or even a mistress, her name is still Zuma and apparently she is still much trusted by Zuma over anybody else.

Save South Africa rally

 Demonstrators take part in a protest calling for the removal of South Africa’s President Jacob Zuma in Durban

Now, many have had enough. Black opposition leaders and a coalition called Save South Africa are staging protests, calling for Zuma to quit.

Many believe the country is doomed under the leadership of Zuma

‘Jacob Zuma is dangerous for South Africa,’ said Mumusi Maimane, leader of the Democratic Alliance. ‘He is running a project of destroying South Africa.’


The crisis is so deep that Archbishop Desmond Tutu, the face of opposition to apartheid while Mandela was in jail, has joined anti-government protests, and described Zuma as ‘disgraceful’.

‘I am warning you that we will pray as we prayed for the downfall of the Apartheid Government,’ the 85-year-old says. ‘We will pray for the downfall of a government that misrepresents us.’ Clearly, Jacob Zuma does not inspire confidence when it comes to running what has long been regarded as Africa’s superpower.

President of a neighbouring country said Zuma is fast becoming a dictator.

To underline the scale of the country’s woes, 23 years after apartheid, business leaders have just taken out an extraordinary advert on page three of the South African Sunday Times newspaper, warning that the State has been ‘captured’. ‘South Africa is in crisis,’ it said, blaming Zuma for the ‘illegitimate acquisition of South Africa’s natural and financial assets’. The government was guilty of ‘propaganda, slogans, racism and lies’ to silence criticism.

Let every forward-thinking human being condemn this barbaric trend by President Zuma and his clowns

One Nation One People

Weather those fools like it or not the whites are equally South African as much as the Blacks. The black across the world who were not born or related to Africa are not African but they have Africa in them so also are the whites in South Africa, they are Africans, they may be white they are not European but yes, they have Europe in them. The only way to make south African great is for both black and white to live together in harmony as it has been in the last 20 years or so.


Zuma And Julius should treat every South African as one and not create unnecessary war again in the only peaceful African nation for so long. We do not want another African nation in civil war and definitely not South Africa which was for a long time been the only functional African nation.

Blacks and African from all ages and works of life should come together to say big NO to this type of instigation from Jacob Zuma and his cronies, this is not about the white South African only but about the whole of Africa. We can’t just stay still and allow this old bags to mortgage away the future of Africa, A civil war or a serious political unrest in one one of African super powers could be a serious set back to the continent

Please share this and join the campaign on #safeourafrica on twitter to not only stop Zuma from destroying South Africa but to raise awareness within African youths that its time to wrestle power from all the old corrupt politicians destroying the future of Africa.



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  1. Hope they won’t end up the Zimbabwe way. After applauding Robert Mugabe, they ended up becoming his puppet. God help Africans

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