South African man accepted a G Wagon Mercedes Benz gift from a man who impregnated his wife.

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A Nigerian man based in Sputh Africa buys South African man based in Johannesburg a G-Wagon Mercedes Benz to apologise for impregnating his wife whom he has been having a full blown relationship with.

The Nigerian man says he does not regret buying a luxury Mercedes-Benz G-class for the South African man as a token to apologise for impregnating his wife.

“I know what I did is wrong but I feel better he has accepted my gift. He accepted that his wife, my girlfriend, is pregnant and will soon give birth to my son.

He was angry at first but when I presented the car to him his anger vanished,” said the man who identified herself only as John.

How a man can openly confessed of another man’s wife is his girlfriend and pregnant for him is beyond comprehension to any normal Human being.

A close family of the pregnant woman says she knew about the affair but never thought it would lead to pregnancy.

She further said she’s disappointed the husband accepted the Mercedes-Benz from the Nigerian national.

“Nigerian men will never take our men seriously. What kind of a man accepts a gift from a man who impregnated his wife? She said.

He will impregnate her again and buy the stupid husband another car. I am so disappointed,” she said.

When  dailylive South Africa  approached the husband for comment he said, “it is wrong to say I am stupid. The point of the matter is we cannot reverse what has happened. We sat down as men and sorted the issue.

 The Bible says we must forgive and forget. I have always dreamed of driving a G-wagon. Christmas came early for me and my family,” said the husband who didn’t want to be named.

“The baby will be born and I’ll take care of him as my own. If the father wants to take him to Nigeria I wouldn’t mind.

I will give my wife the support she needs always. That is what marriage is all about. I love my wife and will not leave her because of a mere pregnancy,” he added.



Some say the man is stupid and sold him self ship for material stuff.

Some say he has a fantastic spirit of forgiveness.

Others say he’s forgiveness was based on the gift of a G Wagon present.

Some group says the woman will not last 5 minutes in their house when they discovered she was pregnant for Another man under their own roof.

Which ever way we look at it, the fundamental issue here is that this woman was having a full blown relationship with another man while still married and under the roof of her husband.

This is a serious issue with our society.

 Moral decadence has gone through the roof and people do unimaginable things on daily bases.

If you’re not happy with your husband or he’s unable to perform his bedroom duties then leave him rather than a full blown relationship with another man to the point of pregnancy.

Another question: Is the husband not able to perform or impregnate his own wife?

Why is it that South African women run after Nigerian men even married ones?

What’s the matter with our South African men?

All in all, both sides are wrong as far as I’m concerned.

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