Swedish woman facing two years in prison for Leaving a just message on Facebook

Twitter reacted bitterly to the great injustice and Swedish government attempt to promote Sharia law and Islam unjustly in Sweden.

A woman left a message on Facebook asking why those immigrants who gang raped a woman are still in Sweden, that was her crime. Apparently now the sharia/ Islam promoting government think saying the truth or making any complaint at all is a hate crime.

This tweet went viral and has been retweeted more than 2000 times already, people from around the globe are absolutely disgusted about the Swedish liberals and the way they are sacrificing the citizen’s rights for Muslim migrants.

The whole world seems to have gone completely mad these days either in the name of political correctness or overwhelming attempt to please Islam and the Saudis. I can not in the life of me understand how this woman could be arrested at all for such statement.

Now Islam has managed to slip into every nation in the world their own will, agenda and sharia law.

Today people can say what they like about Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism and any other religion with absolutely no problem but if any thing is said about Islam even when its a plain truth, the western world will persecute you for hate crime. Who hates other religion and people more than the Muslims? no one.

The same in UK, Canada, France, Germany, Belgium and even filtering into Australia and Trump’s America. The Nigeria law makers are about to pass a law to hang any Citizen who speaks against Islam in an attempt to silence any opposition to Islamification of the country.

Let us see some social media reactions around the world. This user says so Swedish people should basically fold their arms while women are been defiled


As this user said, westerners are protecting Islamic out of touch culture in the west but what about our own culture? things we have been thought from young age that is bad and anti society is what the government is now telling us to accept. This shakes the very foundation of western culture. If we have been told from infant that raping a woman is bad (“No Means No” campaign is useless then) and whoever commits such offence get sent down, but these sets of migrants are doing it on a regular basis and we are told to shut up about it. So, what is the western law, culture and pride all about then?


The outcome is yet to be seen and its unimaginable, there is no end in sight.


A woman who knows the religion inside out says to “Tolerance of intolerance is COWARDICE. Western government are afraid to speak the truth, they will rather sacrifice an entire generation of their people and maybe the lost of their entire nation than speak to truth for the fear of been label racist or Islamophobic. But in real sense there is nothing like Islamophobic, it doesn’t exist outside the brain of a muslim.


Immigration in its self is good but there is a huge difference between integrating migrants and none integrating muslim migrants who has absolutely no respect for western culture, tradition and believes. wonder why they keep coming though.

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