Swiss government warns: A cancerous colouring substance found in palm oil

The Swiss Federal Food Safety and Veterinary Office (FSVO) warned that the colouring substance Scarlet Red (Sudan IV) had been discovered in palm oil.

The banned substance was discovered by FSVO staff in Vaud.

The synthetic substance can metabolize into carcinogenic amines after it has been ingested. Amines are used to make some dyes. The FSVO advises the population to not consume it.

The brands containing the colouring are ZOMI and POLIFUDS. See photographs below.


Source: Le News


This finding by the Swiss is inconclusive and is completely against what we as Africans knows about Palm Oil. Palm Oil is pure organic and we have all been made to believe that organic products are much better product, made from natural plant and no pesticides added.

What is Palm Oil – Palm oil is an edible vegetable oil derived from the mesocarp of the fruit of the oil palm stree (Elaeis guineensis). Palm oil is a partially hydrogenated oil but less saturated than butter and contains very little trans fat and is one of the most widely produced edible fats in the world. 

This finding by the Swiss specifically stated two particular product listed above Polifuos and Zomi which are imported from Africa. The colouring substance Scarlet Red (Sudan IV) which was discovered in these products are questionable. Colourant substance in palm oil imported from Africa must have been added by heartless African importers. just like when you buy Garri you find out some have been mixed with Sand, pebbles and all sorts.

The ZOMI bottle states it is “100% Natural”. Not according to the FSVO.

You buy Pounded yarn flower (Iyan) from some importer and it has been mixed with other substance you don’t know. Elubo (Plantain flowers) from some importer, you just knew they have mixed a lot of stuff with it which you can not even place or name.

How does a natural organic palm oil from Africa manage to have a colouring substance known as Scarlet Red (Sudan IV)? This means the rogue traders or importers have managed to mix the colourant with the product in other to get a natural RED look of palm oil.

The question is what is it they are selling that is not red as palm oil that they need a synthetic colourant for to make up the colour?

Scarlet Red (Sudan IV) is a banned substance which is dangerous for human consumption, its a synthetic substance that metabolises into amines after consumption which further develops into cancer.

How people can mix such a dangerous chemical with human food for money is unthinkable. These rogue traders only think about making money and have absolutely no regards to human lives. or are these palm oil from China again?

Until further test or research is carried out, please be very careful from whom and where you buy your Palm Oil.

Stay safe.



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