The female gangster who was shot dead in Kayole, Nairobi finally been laid to rest


The lady known as Cleah Addi Vybz, was killed by police officers as revealed by a famous police officer based in Kayole on Tuesday, May 9 during a police shootout.

She dropped out of school in form one at a school in Murang’a County before moving to Kayole, Nairobi She has been described as arguably the prettiest female gangster in Kenya and her death is still fresh in the minds of many.

Clera was 17 years of age at the time of her death, her real name is Clera Njoki although she has a different identity on social media, Her Facebook name is Cleah Addi Vybz the teenager hailed from Kambirwa village of Kiharu constituency in Murang’a County.

Buried in the village on Thursday the 18 amidst serious doubt within the community about the fact behind her killing and very few people in attendance.


Before adopting her gun life, Njoki used to live with her grandparents in the semi-arid Kambirwa area when she dropped out of school in form one at Gikindu Secondary school.

Njoki later moved to her mother’s house in Kayole, Nairobi where she is likely to have met bad company which lured her to crime.


Her brutal death was a shock to her family, friends and old school mates who are not aware of her criminal activities lest alone marriage, the family said she was never married nor had any child contrary to police claim that her husband was also a criminal, but there was a Facebook post of her before her untimely death with a child


There were even doubts from the family and friends about police story of her been a ruthless gun blazing criminal, some felt she shouldn’t have been killed like just that, at least a chance for a trial would have put all doubts to rest.


Ultimately the wages of sin is death as most people on social media has been saying, this they said will teach other young ones a big lesson that no matter how smart or ruthless you are the arms of the law will catch up sooner or later and nothing is worth the ultimate price of death.

More drama unfolded at the burial as 3 more gang members were arrested on the scene.

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