The special one: Queen has invited Meghan onto her official train.

The sensational Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Makle is trending seriously well within the royal household. She has been invited by the Queen on her official train next week, Meghan will be travelling with the head of state on the royal train for royal engagement next week where Prince Harry, Williams and even Kate are not allowed.


Information gathered from the Palace shows that only the most senior members of the Royal Family – namely the Queen, Prince Philip, Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall – are entitled to use the train.

megch2Not even Meghan’s husband, Prince Harry, or the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are ever believed to have used it in an official capacity.

royal train
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The Queen prefer the comfort of the train when going on a long distance engagement or for an over night trip.

The Queen and the beautiful Meghan will be undertaking three official engagements in Cheshire next Thursday.

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The royal house wants the magic of the magnificent royal wedding to continue, so Elvis & Kresse Women's AccessoriesPrince Harry and his new wife Meghan will finally appear on Buckingham Palace’s balcony, which is a tradition, it would have been done on the wedding day if the wedding was held in London.

The special couple does not often follow tradition and protocol when it comes to what they want. (Royal weddings are usually held in London and newly married will appear on the royal balcony afterwards)

The newly married power couple will grace the balcony with other senior royals during the celebration which will mark the Queen’s 92nd birthday.

“The balcony appearance is the perfect symbol of how Meghan has been welcomed into the family.”
William and Kate at the Balcony on their wedding day

Internet and social media will be on fire at those two occasions, the website of whoever cloths Meghan that day will surely crash due to unprecedented traffic.

Meghan has been a fashion icon, experts said her presence in the UK will contribute over 1 Billion pounds to the fashion industry.

Pretty sure she will not disappoint on those two occasions.


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