UCAS still have no solution to why 52% of black students application gets flagged up for fraud or error

Weeks after the news first broke out about Black students more likely to have their university applications flagged for potential fraud or errors than any other ethnic group in the country, UCAS still don’t have any meaningful solution or explanation for it.

Read the news below when it  first broke on April the 24th –

Figures shows: Black people in UK are 21 times more likely to have university applications investigated

Bedding CollectionUCAS says it does not know the reason for the discrepancy as its software “does not look at personal information such as name, address or ethnicity”. well that i did not believe. i use myself as an example, my UCAS application was flagged up being a black applicant then and i was put through some emotional trauma, i thought i wasn’t good enough until much later when i got another letter which eventually cleared my application and i was allowed to pursue my program

The admissions service has studied applications that were flagged between 2013 and 2017 and more than half were from students from black backgrounds.

Data from UCAS’s verification service shows that black applicants made up around 9% of all university applicants in that period. They also comprised 52% of those whose applications were flagged. This figure is staggering and embarrassing for a nation that claims to be tolerance, fare and transparent. A nation that prides itself in equality and justice for all.

How can they even try to justify the figures which don’t lie. How could you possibly University students on graduation day

ustify when blacks applicant makes 9% of the total university application and 52% of that small number will flagged up on UCAS perfect unbiased system as fraud.

Wigsbuy.comIn contrast, white students made up of staggering 73% of total applicants and low and behold accounted for 19% of flagged applications. How could UCAS justify such system as perfect and that it does not look at name and ethnicity before flagging up applicants

Asian students were 11% of the total and 16% of those flagged.

When it comes to cancellation,  black students had the largest cancelled applications  after being flagged – again more than any other ethnic group. Once an application is flagged it goes through rigorous investigation for further clarification which is sometimes traumatising for a genuine student who just want to pursue a career or a degree.

Some eventually comes back cleared while some gets cancelled for whatever reasons best know to the investigation team.

The investigation service uses a very robust fraud detection software and system to detect fraud and similarities in application, as we are told its designed to stop fraudulent student from getting into our university which is fantastic if it work well like that, but why does such state of the art software system flagging small number of black minority applications?

UCAS chief executive Clare Marchant said there was “more work for us to do” in ensuring that flagging was “as robust as it can be”.

There is no hope of change in sight since UCAS chief executive and the department could not find anything wrong in the system as to why its flagging black applicants more than other ethnic groups in the country.

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