Ugandan officials suspended over allegations of inflating refugee figures

Four Ugandan government officials have been suspended amid allegations of inflating refugee figures.
Uganda’s Commissioner for Refugees Apollo Kazungu and three of his senior staff are being investigated.

Investigations will also consider whether officials from UN aid agencies were involved.
Uganda is said to host some 1.4 million refugees – welcoming more than any other country in 2016 – mostly from South Sudan and DR Congo. But these allegations might means those figures are far from the real figure on ground, official seems inflating figures for well ….. personal gain as we often see in Africa.

Uganda had been widely praised for its immigration policies, described as one of the best places in the world to actually be a refugee with the level of care provided. They kept coming and the Ugandans kept providing accommodation and care.

 Many Ugandan family gave up their lands voluntarily to accommodate and care for refugees. The people according to report are extremely accommodating and helpful but wherever things like these are happening there will always be some dishonest individual on ground to take advantage of the situation.

 The issue is not only with Ugandan official but also with the United nations agency staff.They seems to be involved in the figure manipulations as well. There has been too many reports surfacing this days about United Nation Agency and so called Charity organisation’s staff undesirable behaviour in Africa and recently Haiti.

 Middle Eastern Refugee

The Asian or Middle East nations need to learn from Ugandans on how they can better take care of their own refugee rather than throwing their responsibilities on the over whelming European citizens. There are many rich countries in the middle east that can afford to accommodate their own people from Middle East but they never bothered which brings to mind what might be the underline agenda of middle eastern muslims swarming over Europe.

Can we say countries like  Kuwait, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, and Saudi Arabia can not do what Ugandan government is doing? they are a lot more richer than the nation of Ugandan but yet Uganda is leading the way.

 There are three major issues raised in the findings, which are “doubtful” numbers of refugees, the trafficking of women and children, and fraud.

Women and children needs more protection with the current issues going on around Africa with Charity organisations and United Nation staff on ground.

One spot check in the capital Kampala found just 7,000 people when there were reported to be 26,000 needing aid, the Daily Monitor reports, leading to questions about where the money and resources for the missing 19,000 were going.

As a result of the accusations, the United States, European Union and UK are all threatening to withhold funding to the country, the UK’s Guardian newspaper says.

“At the moment these are allegations and will be treated as such,” a spokesman for Uganda’s prime minister told the BBC.

“The investigations will determine what the facts are and what action to take. These reports do not change or deter Uganda’s long-held record and commitment to providing safety to refugees.”

The majority of Uganda’s refugees have fled violence in South Sudan – where civil conflict between the government and rival factions has killed tens of thousands of people since 2013.

Musa Ecweru, state minister for relief and disaster preparedness, assured the Guardian that measures would be taken to prevent any fraud in future, suggesting biometric registration for all refugees entering the country.
Uganda registered more refugees than any other country in 2016.

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