Video – Ex-NFL Player Brutally Arrested After Cops Mistaking his Cell Phone for Gun

A video of former NFL player Desmond Marrow’s arrest, depicting alleged police brutality by three white officers of Georgia’s Henry County Police Department, has gone viral.

The video, uploaded by Marrow on Thursday but taken on December 2, 2017, begins with Marrow handcuffed and standing, flanked by officers on either side. They are walking him to a vehicle when one utters the threat, “You’re going to get tased, do you understand me?”

“I’m not even doing nothing. I’m not even fighting back,” Marrow repeats several times as the officers push him against a truck and then slam him to the ground. Almost immediately after hitting the ground, Marrow begins weeping.

“It’s unbelievable,” the man recording the video can be heard saying.

Marrow feared he was going to die, “I thought I was going to die. I was sure I was passing out or dying,” Marrow said on the Facebook post. “I was fully cooperating with the officers with ZERO resistance.”, a Leading Fashion Shop!

He also said, police threw him into isolation and labelled him a gang member because of his tattoos, as well as apparently accusing him of resisting arrest for “being out of control,” spitting on officers and headbutting them, which is an assault charge. “But once they found out I was a former NFL player & there was a video of the incident did they then try to drop my charges,” Marrow wrote on Facebook.


According to Marrow, he was arrested for “having a gun that turned out to be my cell phone.” If Marrow’s word is true, the incident is yet another case in which police have been accused of excessive force against a black man after mistaking a cell phone for a gun. Stephen Clark, an unarmed African-American man, was killed in Sacramento, California, on March 18 after police mistaken his cell phone for a gun. Daniel Covarrubias, an unarmed Native American, was killed for the same reason in 2015 in Lakewood, Washington.

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Why is a black man automatically guilty of any offence whenever in contact with police without any investigation or benefit of a doubt. Is this the meaning of a modern & advance world? What is America really about, is it really the land of freedom or just freedom for few or privileged ones?

The STATURE OF LIBERTY really needs to be thrown in to the deep ocean because USA is not the land of the ‘FREE’, never a land of ‘FREEDOM’ rather the land of serious oppression and human right violation.

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