‘Walking School Bus’ Project Helping South African Children Make Education a Reality

Walking Bus project is gathering momentum is South Africa helping children to get to school and back safely



A Walking School Bus is a group of primary school children who walk to and from school along a safe and enjoyable set route, accompanied by a minimum of two parent driver/supervisors per ‘bus’.

One parent ‘drives’ at the front of the bus, while the other parent supervises at the rear. Additional parents may be needed depending on the local requirements.

The walking bus picks up ‘passengers’ along the way at designated ‘bus stops’. The ‘bus stops’ can be meeting points along the route or at homes of the Walking School Bus participants.


The process is reversed in the afternoon, led by the same or a different adult driver/supervisor. It can be flexible to suit the needs of families using it. The ‘bus’ can go as seldom or as often as parents want to ‘drive’ it and children want to use it.

The project has been a success helping the children to escape all the serious unfortunate situation happening in South Africa at the moment. situation like kidnapping, ritual killing, Human eating gangs who seems to specialised now on eating human flesh and top it all is the drug gangsters and rapists who preys on young Kids on their way to school.

Ritual killing and recent development of cannibal gangs who are rapping, killing and eating human body makes the project even more important to the community.

The kids have got to go to school one way or the other, this wonderful project is a welcome initiative in the ever changing world of our community. 

The police are over powered with the rate of crime in South Africa and the Federal Government of President Zuma is not bothered just like every other African leaders of today, their kids are in schools in Europe and America so they can afford to trade away the future of oter African kids.   


Lets us all pray for this successful project to spread to all areas of South Africa and the rest of African continent so that the future of the continent can acquire required education to deliver the continent from these wave of corrupt and useless leaders across Africa.

The future is in the hands of the community and should not wait for government intervention as such will never materialised. 

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