Zimbabwean Man, Sangulani Chikumbutso Invents Electric Car which Does Not Require Charging

Sangulani Maxwell Chikumbutso is a Zimbabwean inventor who has come up with various disruptive technologies that could possibly shift the way science works and what we believe or come to think of electric car technology. In fact he says he has come up with the inventions that according to him, “defy the laws of physics” and to that extent he has found difficulty in getting some of his stuff patented worldwide.

The Talented Sangulani Chikumbutso has produced an electric car that does not actually require conventional recharging to operate and a host of  other range of technology innovations. Chikkumbutso has been able to achieved what seems like a dream through his company, SAITH Technologies based in Zimbabwe.

Unbelievably, he is reported to produce energy for vehicles from electromagnetic waves, simple radio frequencies.

Below are some of the technology he exhibited on this physics defying SAITH Technology exhibition in Zimbabwe. first was the electricity powered car (Saith EV) that Saith Technologies  claim is way better than Tesla’s, the car that runs on energy from electromagnetic waves.

A helicopter (Saith Hex_Copter) that works on five fuels and can carry two passengers. Local science students were allowed to have a closer look at the technology

Microsonic powered generator (Greener Power Machine), locally manufactured (not assembled)


“By revealing undisclosed substance (industry secreted) to radio wavelengths, the Eco-friendly power generator has the capacity to funnel the power generated into function electrical energy. His assertion is always that he has moved past the rules of preservation of energy as generally comprehended as equivalent shift of energy from a single form to a different one proclaiming that this kind of “discovery” displays the application of basic gel battery packs in series of 220 volts generating a greater output in electrical power (500,000 Watts).


surveillance towers, mobile broadcast communication backpack,

intelligent IP Mesh backpack and household transformer that can multiply power a hundredfold. transformer

This type of inventor is required in Africa if the continent is to survive and take their place in the world. Its very unusual to have this gentleman still in Africa doing his own thing, usually an African inventor of this magnitude would have been residing in countries like the UK or US. The world scientist will have to research his technology which clearly defied the law of physics.

There is still the Big problem from patent, some of …. technology defy the law of physics which makes extremely difficult in getting some of the technology patented worldwide and without that, clever and richer western hawks will be able to rob him of this amazing discovery.

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